It is a 3 Game Battle for Bragging Rights in the Sox Drawer

***Game 1 with Jose Quintana in the office

**Final Score White Sox 4 and Red Sox 1

*****This is scary, Jason just told that the 2016 White Sox got their 18th win on the SAME DAY the 2005 Sox team got their 18th win*****

It was the White Sox leading from the start. Jimmy Rollins got on the pond with a single, Jose Abreu with a rare RBI triple got Rollins across the plate for a 1 to 0 lead. The bottom of the 3rd has Austin Jackson coming home on a Todd Frazier ground out to 3rd, taking the score to 2 to 0. The Red Sox only score of the night came in the 5th inning with a solo home run for a 2 to 1 White Sox lead. The bottom of the 8th would see the White Sox add the final 2 runs of the night, when Abreu with a stand up double, brings home Eaton and Rollins for a 4 to 1 lead which did hold thanks, in part to David Robertson coming in at the top of the 9th shutting down the Red Sox batting.

****GAME 2 with Carlos Rodon in the office

Jose Abreu with a monster home run with a runner on for a 2 to 0 White Sox lead. The Red Sox would have the rest of the scoring  top of the 3rd for the last time the White Sox would lead at 2 to 1. Big Papi in the top of the 5th would take the lead with a 2 run home run for a 3 to 2 lead, boston would at 2 more, 1 each in the top of the 7th and top of the 8th for a 5 to 2 Red Sox win.

Post Game Thoughts**Carlos did great today, considering the events of yesterday. I can’t even imagine how he got through today when your mentor is no longer around. If you look at the beginning of the game written in the dirt next to the Sox sign on the mound was the number 50. Everyone is still making rude comments about John Danks and his departure. Has anyone read the articles published after an interview with John, that he does understand why the decision was made. That he does not hold any regrets about what happened. He still wants to pitch, hoping the phone will ring but if not. It will be OK. Some of the guys in a video yesterday told of how John did a lot behind the scenes. Todd Frazier told of how John helped him when he arrived, showing him around and to get settled.



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