May 2016

Hey Boys

20160520_091808Just got word a bit ago of your rain out today. Hope your able to find some positive stuff to do.

Love you boys but damn you are bloody frustrating at times. I will do my best not to be negative here. I have a feeling that your hard enough on yourselves without me or anyone else adding to it.

This year is different, maybe because of Brett and Todd but a mix of everyone. The new energy and great and it even gets me excited and I am in Australia. The silliness has cheered me up at times, you guys are having fun playing ball.

I can also see how frustrated you get then things go wrong, your mad at yourself and it show. That is OK, it show that you care.

I have faith that everything will come together at just the right time. Have faith in yourselves that you can turn this around.

Find the positives and hold on to those. Trust each other to help be there to back you up. When its dark, let go of the days events, why worry about them. Tomorrow is a new day and start again.

Sending you positive vibes for a great road trip. May the hits be plenty, turning double plays be many and runs massive.

Stay safe out there.



Come Sale Away

sale - CopyChris Sale is in the office today, going for a 10 and 0 record. He has completed his last three games, with great defense behind him and bats blazing. Fingers crossed he can sure that 10th win in style.

You Can Put It On The Board, YES . Thank you Adam Eaton for that solo shot to right center field for a 1 to 0 Sox lead

Jose Abreu who was given the nickname of Cannon by Hawk Harrelson is on with a single to right.

Until the 3rd inning Chris had not given up a walk for 26 innings.

Chris is done for the night, in the top of the 4th,  it was not meant to be the 10 and 0 start

Zack Putnam is now in the office. I like Zack, once he can get settled in he is good. It’s early having to go tot he bullpen but the guys can handle it.

Cannon with a double and Brett Lawrie with another double for a 6 to 2 Indians lead.

The new kid in the office Tommy Kahnle, out to gain some experience and see if he can impress Coach Cooper. Most of what Tommy threw that inning wa sin the 95 to 99 speed range. Matt Purke has the office keys, his 2nd appearance.

Adam manages a single in the Bottom of the 8th but was left stranded

Dan Jennings now with the office keys. Tommy and Matt both had good outings. I hope Zack can settle down and get his control going a little sooner on his next outing.

Cannon smacks another double making this a 3 hit game.

Indians 6 and Sox 2



Game 1 of a Double Header with the Indians.

nate 2 - CopyIt’s game 1 in a double-header today with the Cleveland Indians, some fun facts about today – Game 1 is the 18,000 game for the Indians, while game 2 is the 18,000 game for the White Sox

Mat Latos is in the office for game one.

**Bottom of the first – You Can Put It On The Board YES, thanks Todd Frazier its a 1 to 0 Sox lead.

**Top of the 2nd and the Indians have to show off with a solo shot of their own for a 1 all ball game. Bottom of 2nd and Brett Lawrie on with a walk

**Bottom of 3rd, Austin Jackson is standing at 2nd, Adam Eaton gets him to 3rd, the RBI single by Rollings gives the Sox the lead back at 2 to 1, A wild pitch gives Rollins a leisurely stroll to second. Frazier with a free pass to 1st.

**Bottom of 4th and Lawrie is back on base with a single. Brett safe at 2nd on a steal. Dioner Navarro moves Brett to 3rd on a ground out. An RBI blooper single gets Austin Jackson on 1st and Brett home for a 3 to 1 lead.

**Top of 5th – Indians with a runner on and a home run ties up the score at 3 all.

**Bottom of 5th – Todd with an up the middle single to center. Todd is standing at second unchallenged, Melky walks, Brett with 2 runners on blazes a nasty homer to take back the score to 6 to 3 White Sox.

**Bottom of 6th, with Navarro making his way to 1st with a single and Jackson moving him to 2nd with a single of his own. Adam does the job with a bunt moving the boys to 2nd and 3rd.

**Bottom of 7th with an E-8 Melky stands at 2nd. E-4 had Jose Abreu standing at 1st, Brett walked, Melky out on the throw to home. Austin loads the pond, bringing Abreu home for a 7 to 3 White Sox lead.

**Top of 8th – the Sox concede a run for a 7 to 4 Sox lead, The Indians add a 2 run homer for a 7 to 6 Sox lead.

**Final score of game one Sox –  7 and Indians – 6





Game 3 with Houston

Chris 2 - CopyChris Sale is in the office tonight going for a record 9 and 0 start to the season. Brett Lawrie has the day off, he did lobby Robin to play but Carlos Sanchez and Jerry Sands need starts tonight.

Bottom of 1st – an amazing catch by Houston to rob Jose Abreu of a home run.

Top of 2nd, Todd Frazier is our first baserunner for tonight. Frazier safe at 2nd on a stolen base. Jerry Sands single brings Frazier home for a 1 to 0 lead.

**It is good to see some of the other boys like Jerry and Carlos get s start, need to keep their skills sharp

**Chris is chasing Ed Cicotte who was 12 and o. Chris gets this win tonight and will be in sole possession of 2nd place on the list

Bottom of 6th – with a misplay by the Houston outfielder has Eaton standing at third.

Top of the 7th and Chris has a pitch count of 76, at this point provided nothing going wrong I can see Chris throwing a complete game.

Bottom of 7th – Jimmy Rollins on with an infield single. Rollins safe on his 4th stolen base of the season. Sands with a single, gets Rollins to 3rd. A sac fly by Alex Avila and the Sox lead 2 to 0.

Top of 8th sees the Astro’s get on the board with a solo shot for a 2 to 1 Sox lead.

With a strikeout Chris Sale takes his season to 9 and o

the Kansas City Royals arrive tomorrow with Jose Quintana in the office.


Nice Night for a Sox Game

It’s game 2 of the 3 game series with the Houston Astro’s and Matt Latos in the office tonight. Todd Frazier is back in at 3rd base tonight.

At the top of the first with no one out it’s 1 to 0 Astros

Bottom of 1st and Adam Eaton tries to turn a single into a double but the ball makes it first. Jimmy Rollins on with a double, if Eaton has stopped at first it could be a tie score. Jose Abreu with a single, with Rollins speed its a 1 all ball game.

Top of second, with stupid defense mistakes it’s 2 to 1 Houston lead. The top of the 4th, the Astros add another run for a 3 to 1 lead.

Bottom of 4th and Melky is on with a single to right, he is left stranded.

Top of 5th and Mat Latos gives up a solo shot for a 4 to 1 Houston lead. Bottom of the inning and Dioner Navarro with an infield base hit. Eaton with a double, Navarro stopping at 3rd.

Top of 6th and another solo shot given up by Latos, its 5 to 1 Houston. Latos is done and Zack Putnam in heading to the office.

Bottom of 6th – Frazier safe at first, Melky with a triple, Frazier home for a 5 to 2 Astros lead.

Bottom of 7th and Navarro opens with a single, Eaton with a walk. Jose with a single bringing home pinch runner Saladino for a 5 to 3 Astros lead.

Top of 8th and the Sox turn their SECOND triple of play the years YES you read that right.  5 to 4 to 3

**Final Score — Houston 5 and Sox 3




Opening at The Cell for 10 games

bubbles eatonThe Houston Astros are in for a 3 game series with Carlos Rodon in the office tonight.

The Astros open the scoring with a single to right scoring the base runner from first for a 1 to 0 Astros lead. Top of the 4th, the Astros add another run on a solo home run taking the lead to 2 to 0.

The Bottom of the 4th and Jose Abreu smacks a home run to center for a 2 to 1 Astros lead.

**Carlos is pitching well today with 6 strikeouts at last count. Would like to see him go one more inning but his pitch count is in the low 80’s. Coach Coop also might have him call it a day.

Bottom of the 5th Dioner Navarro with a 2 out double, Tyler Saladino with another double, bringing home Navarro and its a tie score at 2 all. Adam Eaton with a single bringing Saladino home for a 3 to 2 Sox lead. Jimmy Rollins moves Eaton to second on a single.

Top of the 6th and Rodon gives up another solo home run and the score is tied at 3.

**Carlos Sanchez now playing 3rd , Saladino moves to shortstop and Rollins out.

Top of the 8th and the Astros take back the lead at 4 to 3.

Top of 9th has David Robertson in to shut down the inning,

Bottom of 9th and Jackson has a stand up double. Carlos Sanchez with a bunt single and is safe at 1st. Saladino with a Sac Fly and its a 4 all game, Eaton singled but he and Sanchez were left stranded.

**David Robertson has sent down the 6 batters he has faced.

Top of 11th and thanks to Astros interference its a 6 to 4 Astros lead. Bottom of the 11th and Sanchez with a single, coming home on an Eaton double. 6 to 5 Astros.

Final Score Astros 6 and Sox 5

**I think that call of interference that was not made is the key to this game.


White Sox in New York for 3

Thanks Avi - CopyAfter a much-needed day off the boys are in New York for a 3 game series with Chris Sale opening the series


Top of 1 Adam Eaton was hit by a pitch, Top of 2nd and Brett Lawrie opens with a strong double. A Stand up double by Alex Avila gets Lawrie home for a 1 to 0 lead. Austin Jackson has walked, Jose Abreu with a single scoring, Jackson and Avila for a 3 to 0 lead. Frazier walks to load the bases again. The bottom of 2nd and the Yankees take Sale for a solo home run, it’s 3 to 1 Sox, Top of 3rd is a run explosion when,  Avila on with a single and Jackson walked, Eaton with a double brings them both home for a 5 to 1 Sox score. Rollins with a home run with Eaton on for a 7 to 1 Sox lead.

**Final Sox – 7 and Yankees – 1. Chris Sale threw a 99 pitch complete game.

On The Road – Texas for 3

Miguel - Copy**GAME ONE – Miguel Gonzalez in the office today.

Adam Eaton opens  with a standup triple after the center fielder dropped the ball on what should have been a simple catch, Rollins grounds to second to being Eaton home for a 1 to 0 Sox Lead.  Top of 6th and Todd Frazier with a solo home run for a 2 to 0 Sox lead.(Melky got himself tossed at the end of that inning, Jerry Sands now in left) Bottom of 6th and the Rangers with a solo home run for a 2 to 1 Sox lead.  Top of the 8th and Austin Jackson and Eaton both with singles, RBI single for Frazier gets Jackson home and Eaton at 3rd for a 3 to 1 Sox lead. The bottom of the 8th has Texas with a triple, scoring on an RBI single for a 3 to 2 Sox lead. A Texas double ties the game at 3 all. Top of 9th, Garcia and Avila with singles, giving the Sox runners on the corners. Rollins with a perfect bunt, Garcia home for a 4 to 3 lead and everyone is safe.Bottom of 9th,  the lead off walk comes around to score and it’s tied up at 4. Top of the 12th, with runners at 2nd and 3rd the intentional walk to Abreu. Frazier with a Grand Slam for a for an 8 to 4 lead, which is the final score.

**GAME TWO – Carlos Rodon in the office.

**Top of 1st – Eaton caught in a rundown on way to 3rd after falling, Rollins with a double and Abreu beat the run to first. pitcher tried to pick off Rollins but threw into center field. Rollins scored in a 2nd base ground out by Frazier for a 1 to 0 sox lead.

**Bottom of 1st – Rangers tie the score at 1 all. Rangers take the lead 2 to 1. Rodon having all kinds of issues tonight.

**(starting an hour late because of a rain delay)Top of 3rd – back to work, with a full pond and Frazier to the plate, Frazier with a single to right, 2 runs score and the Sox lead 3 to 2. a Melky RBI double makes it 4 to 2. Thanks to the wind, Lawrie with a double scoring Frazier and its a 5 to 2 Sox lead

**Bottom of 3rd – Rangers with a homer and base runners on tie the score at 5 all.

**Top of 4th – Eaton with a walk, Rollins with a walk. Abreu with a hit but the wind got it and kept it in, Eaton tagged up to get to 3rd, pond is full with the Frazier walk. 4 walks and Eaton walks home for a 6 to 2 lead, Lawrie walked and its 7 to 2. Garcia with a bases clearing double. it’s 10 to 5 Sox

**Bottom of 7th – Solo shot takes the score to Sox 10 and Rangers 6. Rodon is done for the night.

**Top of 8th – Rollins on with a triple, Sac Fly from Abreu makes it a Sox lead 11 to 6.

**Bottom of 8th – Rangers add 4 more runs cutting into the Sox lead 11 to 10, Rangers now lead 13 to 11.

***Final Score – Rangers 13 and Sox 11.





It is a 3 Game Battle for Bragging Rights in the Sox Drawer

***Game 1 with Jose Quintana in the office

**Final Score White Sox 4 and Red Sox 1

*****This is scary, Jason just told that the 2016 White Sox got their 18th win on the SAME DAY the 2005 Sox team got their 18th win*****

It was the White Sox leading from the start. Jimmy Rollins got on the pond with a single, Jose Abreu with a rare RBI triple got Rollins across the plate for a 1 to 0 lead. The bottom of the 3rd has Austin Jackson coming home on a Todd Frazier ground out to 3rd, taking the score to 2 to 0. The Red Sox only score of the night came in the 5th inning with a solo home run for a 2 to 1 White Sox lead. The bottom of the 8th would see the White Sox add the final 2 runs of the night, when Abreu with a stand up double, brings home Eaton and Rollins for a 4 to 1 lead which did hold thanks, in part to David Robertson coming in at the top of the 9th shutting down the Red Sox batting.

****GAME 2 with Carlos Rodon in the office

Jose Abreu with a monster home run with a runner on for a 2 to 0 White Sox lead. The Red Sox would have the rest of the scoring  top of the 3rd for the last time the White Sox would lead at 2 to 1. Big Papi in the top of the 5th would take the lead with a 2 run home run for a 3 to 2 lead, boston would at 2 more, 1 each in the top of the 7th and top of the 8th for a 5 to 2 Red Sox win.

Post Game Thoughts**Carlos did great today, considering the events of yesterday. I can’t even imagine how he got through today when your mentor is no longer around. If you look at the beginning of the game written in the dirt next to the Sox sign on the mound was the number 50. Everyone is still making rude comments about John Danks and his departure. Has anyone read the articles published after an interview with John, that he does understand why the decision was made. That he does not hold any regrets about what happened. He still wants to pitch, hoping the phone will ring but if not. It will be OK. Some of the guys in a video yesterday told of how John did a lot behind the scenes. Todd Frazier told of how John helped him when he arrived, showing him around and to get settled.



Thank You John Danks

Word has come across Twitter that John Danks has been Designated for assignment. At this time I do not have any details on the particulars.

I have seen that John has stepped up and taken responsibility for the issues at hand. He knows that it was his struggles that were causing issues, he wanted so help the team but does understand this is for the best.

I am seeing all kind of rumors that the Sox will eat the rest of John’s contract, to him heading to Charlotte. The following could take place

A) The Sox have 10 days to try and trade him.

B) John could stay with the Sox Organization, if he gets through waivers, he could accept a deal with Charlotte.

Will update when I know more