White Sox on the Road – First Stop Toronto

david 2 - CopyIt will be our first view of Miguel Gonzalez today, (I do not know a lot about him at the time of opening this blog)Zack Putnam and Matt Albers also in the office. Top

**Top of 1st – Eaton with a single, Rollins with a double, Abreu with an RBI ground out, 1 – 0 Sox lead, Frazier with a walk,

**Bottom of 1st – Blue Jays take the lead 2 to 1.

**Bottom of 3rd – Jays extend the lead to 3 to 1, on a home run with a man on the Jays extend their lead to 5 to 1

**Top of 7th – Melky on with a single, Lawrie with a single but Melky out on the force. Garcia with a single, Rollins walk loaded the bases. Eaton with a 2 RBI single and cutting the lead to 5 to 3, Rollins gets Jackson home for a 5 to 4 Jays lead. Abreu walks and loads the bases again, Frazier with a double and 2 more cross the plate for a Sox 6 to 5 lead

**Top of 9th – Rollins on with a double, Rollins steals 3rd as Abreu takes first on wa walk, Frazier with a Sac Fly to get Rollins home for a 7 to 5 lead

**Bottom of 9th – David Robertson in to close out the game.

**Final Score – White Sox – 7 and Blue Jays – 5

***Game 2 with Chris Sale in the office

**Top of 1st – Eaton safe thanks to E-6,

**Top of 3rd – Garcia with a solo shot for a 1 to 0 Sox lead.

**Top of 5th – Lawrie with a single, Avi with a walk, Navarro at first, , Jackson with double, scoring Lawrie and Avi for a 3 to 1 Sox lead, Sac Fly by Eaton getting Navarro home extending the Sox lead to 4 to 0

**Top of 7th – Avi with a single to right, Navarro with a blast to right field, Sox – 6 and Jays 0, Jackson with a single to right. Eaton with a single, Cannon with a single for a 7 to 0 lead

**Bottom of 7th – Jays open the scoring with a home run 7 to 1, Sox lead

**Top of 9th – Eaton with a bomb taking the score to 8 to 1, Rollins with a double Frazier with a single bringing home Rollins for a 9 to 1 lead, Melky with a single, Lawrie with a walk, Garcia Sac Fly to center scored Frazier for a 10 to 1 lead

**Final Score – Sox 10 and Jays 1

***Game Three – Jose Quintana in the office

**Top of 7th – Frazier with a single; but out on the force at 2nd, Melky safe, Lawrie with a walk moving Melky to 2nd, Navarro with a triple to right scoring Melky and Lawrie for a 2 to 0 Sox lead, Jackson triples bringing home Navarro for a 3 to 0 Sox lead. Eaton walked and safe at second.

**Bottom of 7th – Zack Duke in the office,

**Top of 8th – Abreu with a single, Melky walked. Abreu to 3rd, Melky out and Lawrie safe at first. Garcia with a single, bringing home Abreu and moving Lawrie to 3rd. 4 to 0 Sox lead

***Final Score – White Sox 4 and Blue Jays – 0

Hope you have the broom handy. Pack your travel bag, we are heading for Baltimore.




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