White Sox Welcome the Rangers

Cannon**It is the first of a 3 game series with the Texas Rangers and Jose Quintana in the office for tonight’s match up.

**Bottom of 1st – Spanky Eaton with a single to left. Eaton out on the force, Jackson is safe, Cannon Abreu with the force play but safe at first.

**Bottom of 2nd – Melk Man with a single, Sands taking a free pass moving Melky to second. On a wild pitch, Melky crosses the plate to open the scoring 1 to 0

**Bottom of 3rd -0 Spanky with a double, Jackson with a sac bunt to move Spanky to 3rd. Cannon with a sac fly to get Spanky home, for a Sox 2 nothing lead.

**Bottom of 5th – on an E 4, Navarro is safe at first.

**Bottom of 6th – Todd Frazier on with a walk, Melky with a double sending Todd to 3rd. Brett Lawrie with a double scoring Todd and Melky for a 4 to 0 Sox lead, Jerry Sands gets Lawrie home for a 5 to 0 lead.

**Top of 7th – The Sox turn a TRIPLE PLAY — 9 3 2 6 2 5

**Bottom of 7th – Jackson with a double,

**Top of 8th – Matt Albers has taken over in the office.

**Top of 9th – Zack Putnam in to lock up the office

**Final Score – White Sox 5 and Rangers 0

****Game Two with Carlos Rodon in the office, here is hoping he can bounce back after a terrible outing.

**Top of 2nd – Rangers open the scoring 1 to 0 with a home run.

**Bottom of 2nd – Melk Man with a screamer to right and a tie score 1 all

**Bottom of 6th – Melky with a single, moves to second on Lawrie’s single. A walk to Avila loads the pond

**Top of 7th – Rodon hands office duties to Petricka for 1 batter who in turn makes way for Zack Duke. Rangers take the lead 2 to 1.

**Bottom of 8th – Frazier with a home run to tie the score at 2, Avi hit by a pitch, On a single by Navarro drives in Melky for a 3 to 2 Sox lead

**Top of 9th – Error gets runner to 3rd, another mistake gets the runner home and it’s a 3 all game. David Robertson in the office.

**Top of 11th – Matt Albers in the office.

**Bottom of 11th – Navarro on with a walk, Jackson hit by a pitch, Bases loaded with Eaton off to first with a walk. Bases loaded, got Navarro at home, Cannon with a single past shortstop scoring Jackson for the win.

***In 11 inning it is the White Sox – 4 and Rangers – 3

**Game 3 with Matt Latos in the office today

**Top of 1st – Texas opens the scoring with a home run to take the lead 1 to 0

**Bottom of 3rd – Navarro with a home run to tie the score at 1 all

**Bottom of 5th Melky with a walk and Brett with a double. Melky scores on a wild pitch, 2 to 0 Sox take the lead, Jerry with a walk, Navarro with a Sac Fly brings Brett home for a 3 to 1 Sox Lead, Jackson with a 2 out double,

**Top of 7th – Zack Duke in the office.

**Bottom of 7th – Jerry on with a single,Navarro with a walk, Jackson loads the bases,

**Top of 8th – Nate Jones in the office

**Bottom of 8th – Cannon with a double , Melky walks Brett with an RBI single for a 4 to 1 Sox lead.

***Final Score – Sox 4 and Rangers 1

**The boys have arrived safely in Canada for their series with the Blue Jays




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