Friday Positives and Negatives

891White Sox Indians BaseballYes, we lost today and split the series with the Angels.

A year ago today April 21 we were already 5.5 games behind, today we are already playing .500 ball, at 10 and 6. It is a totally different team, and a different vibe.

John Danks pitched today, it was a good outing. He did give up 5 walks but no one scored. He also helped turn 1 of 4 double plays. Yes,John is the 5th starter but yes he does have a big pay packet. He still deserves the same amount of support as every other pitcher on the team. OK, now I hear all of you whining and moaning but you know what, I don’t care, whine away (want some cheese). John is part of the team and is entitled to just as much support as any other member of the pitching staff. John came out publicly and took responsibility for the opening day loss. The second loss for his was hard also, you could see how frustrated he was, he wants anything to help this team. Someone said to day, “wondering if he is just trying too hard to find that spark that he needs?” I actually wonder that myself. You can see in his delivery that he has changed things, maybe it is that one little mechanic that is possibly holding him back. Only time will tell.

The good stuff – Brett Lawrie, Todd Frazier your addition to the team is amazing. Your defense the last few games has been heart stopping at times. The batting will come, we see those little sparks and as you play so hard to help this team and make something happen we can see it. Your arrival has change the dynamic of this team and I hope for years to come. I have the faith in both of you to help this team go far this year.

David Robertson – I am such a fan of yours, Love watching you work. trying to figure out your thought process and your determination that you will win not the batter. 6 saves already and I know good things are coming. Have faith, cause I have faith in you when you walk to the mound. My sorority sister Karen just sent me pictures she took of you for me.

I would live at The Cell all summer if I could, I spend heaps of time tweeting and blogging about the boys. I am trying my best to lobby for Twitter follows from Todd, Brett and David. I will earn those follows if I have to.

Tomorrow the Texas Rangers are in for a visit. Get out to the ball park and support them.


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