Sox at Home to Welcome the LA Angels

The boys are back home after a 10 game road trip, returning with a 7 and 3 record. Carlos Rodon is in the office today facing former Sox pitcher Hector Santiago.


**Top of 1st – Angels open the scoring 2 to 0 (E-3), after 2 singles it’s now a 4 to 0 lead. Now a 5 to 0 lead and Robin is on the mound. Ventura had sent Rodon to the showers and Jake Petricka is now in the office.

**Bottom of 1st – Rollins on with a walk, Abreu with a loop to right,

**Top of 3rd – 6 to 0 Angels.

**Top of 4th – Zack Putnam in the office.

**Top of 6th – Eaton with a stand up double, Frazier on with a walk,  (boys were left stranded but Frazier has been amazing on defense)

**Bottom of the 6th – Dan Jennings in the office.

**Top of 8th – Angels add another run to take the score to 7 to 0.

***Final Score – Angels 7 and Sox – 0

****GAME TWO – Mat Latos in the office

**Bottom of 2nd – Frazier with a homer to left Sox open the scoring 1 to 0

**Bottom of 3rd – Navarro with a single, Eaton with a perfect bunt to move Navarro to second.

**Bottom of 4th – You can put it on the Board, YES. . . Thanks Cannon, its 2 to 0 Sox, Melky with a single, Jackson with a single to load the pond

**Top of 7th – On 101 pitches Latos is off to the showers, handing Matt Albers the keys to the office.

**Top of 8th – Nate Jones with the office pass,

**Bottom of 8th – Rollins on with a double, Abreu moves Rollins to 3rd, Frazier with a free pass, Melky with a triple to score Rollins and Frazier for a 4 to 0 lead. Lawrie brings Melky home for a 5 to 0 lead

***FINAL SCORE – White sox – 5 and Angels – 0

****GAME THREE – Chris Sale in the office

**Bottom of 1st – Home Run by Saladino to open the scoring 1 to 0

**Bottom of 2nd – Lawrie on with a walk, Sands moves him to 2nd with a single.

**Bottom of 3rd – Eaton steals 2nd. Eaton to 3rd and Abreu safe on a wild pitch.

**Bottom of 5th – Avila with a stand up double,Avila scores on a sacrifice and E-1.

**Bottom of 6th – Frazier with a single, Lawrie with a free pass,(Brett is safe at 2nd on the steal)

**Bottom of 7th – Eaton with a base hit,

**Top of 8th – Chris hit the batter,Robin to the mound (Chris thanked his infield before he departed) Nate Jones in to set up, E-5 by Jerry Sands, David Robertson in to shut this down. Angels get a run, cutting the score to 2 to 1.

**Top of 9th – after an overthrow to first, Sands throws out Trout trying to steal second. Robertson locks the door, this game is ova.

***FINAL SCORE Sox 2 and Angels 1

****GAME FOUR – John Danks in the office

**Bottom of 1st – Rollins walked

**Bottom of 3rd – Avila walked

**Top of 5th – Angels opened the scoring 2 to 0

**Bottom of 7th – Melky gets the Sox on board with a home run 2 to 1 LA still in the lead

**Top of the 9th – a bunt gets the run home for a LA 3 to 1 lead.

**Bottom of the 9th –  Frazier with a home run to cut the lead 3 to 2

***FINAL LA 3 and Sox 2

The Sox and Angels split the series at 2 games apiece.

The Texas Rangers are in for a 3 game series will see Jose Quintana, Carlos Rodon and Mat Latos in the office.




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