Weekend in Tampa

Happy Jackie Robinson day. It is a 3 game series starting tonight with Tampa Bay and will see Chris Sale, John Danks, Jose Quintana and Carlos Rodon in the office for the series. 42 is the only number to be retired across the league.

****GAME ONE – Chris Sale in the office, Picks to click: Avi, Jimmy, Alex

**Top of 1st – Rollins with a double,

**Top of 2nd – Lawrie with a double, Avi with a walk

**Top of 4th – Frazier on with a single to left, Melky with a single to right, Brett safe at first, got the force at second.

**Bottom of 7th – E-7 Rollins

**Top of 8th – Fan injured near home plate.

**Top of 9th – Rollins on with a single,Rollins in a mad dash to 2nd, opening 1st base. Melky with a rocket single to get Rollins home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead.

**Bottom of the 9th – Chris Sale in for a complete game.

***Final Score – Sox – 1 and Tampa Bay – 0

****GAME TWO – John Danks in the office

**Bottom of 3rd – Rays on the board with a home run 1 to 0

**Top of 4th – Abreu hit by a pitch, Frazier with a loop into right, Cannon at 3rd and Todd with a stand up double.

**Bottom of 4th – Rays increase their lead to 2 to 0. Home run takes the Rays lead to 4 to 0

**Top of 7th – Melky on with a bullet to right, wild pitch moved Melky to second, Lawrie with a blast to left center to cut the Rays lead 4 to 2. Sands with a flick to left for a single,

**Bottom of 7th – John Danks passes off to Jake Petricka. Rays extend lead to 5 to 2

**Bottom  of 8th – Rays lead to 7 to 2.

***Final Score – Sox 2 and Tampa Ray – 7

****GAME THREE –  Jose Quintana in the office.

**Bottom of 1st – Tampa opens the scoring 1 to 0

**Top of 3rd – Avi hit by a pitch, review of Eaton’s run to 1st, an RBI single from Jackson to right field gets Avi home for a 1 all ball game.

**Bottom of 3rd – Rays add another to take a 2 to 1 lead, another mistake (E-1) gives the Rays a 3 to 1 lead.

**Top of 4th – Lawrie on with a single to left.

**Top of 7th – Lawrie with a stand up double, Avi with a single and Lawrie’s speed he crossed the plate to cut the lead to 3 to 2

***Final Score – Sox – 2 and Tampa – 3


The Sox are heading for home with a 7 and 3 road trip. Tomorrow the Los Angeles Angels come for a visit, they will send former Sox pitcher Hector Santiago to the office to face Carlos Rodon.


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