Dear White Sox

WOW, what a start to the 2016 season.

I hope you don’t mind if I chat about some stuff kind of bothering me now.

Chris Sale –  Sir you are truly amazing. What a great complete game the other night that you had. It was wonderful to watch and I cant wait for you to be in the office again.

Adam Eaton – Congrats on the arrival of Brayden. I saw your picture and you have a great family there. You seem to be settling in better around the outfield and I hope that continues to happen. Stay fired up, your energy is catching.

John Danks – My heart goes out to you. I can see that you are struggling. I heard  you after opening day and how you took the responsibility for what happened. I was proud of you stepping up and doing that publically. I know the other day you struggled again to find control and all. YOu could see the frustration in your body language and on your face. Please don’t give up. Things will come your way and you will have that one game that you need to build your confidence. Have some faith John, in your abilities. I get a lot of flack at times for supporting you but I will still be there in your corner, cheering you on.

Todd Frazier – Welcome to Chicago. I saw your tweet today that you were upset with how you were reading the ball. Tomorrow is another day and you will bounce back. It take a little time to settle in with a new team and things will fall into place. I’m following you on Twitter and will continue to tweet support.

Brett Lawrie – you sir are a spunk as we say here and Australia and that is a good think. Love your speed and energy on the bases and in the field. What you have brought to this club is something that we needed for a long time. I am in total awe of your defense skills and how you have closed down second base. You have a new fan here, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Hey Brett and Todd, any chance of a follow on Twitter please, you both would make my whole season.

Thanks for listening. Sleep well, tomorrow is a brand new day full of excitement. Enjoy your time at home, I will be cheering you on from Australia.


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