April 2016

Our Condolances

Go out to David and Erin Robertson on the passing of Erin’s father Rick Cronin from pancreatic cancer. There had been a fund started to help others with pancreatic cancer in Rick Cronin’s name at:



White Sox on the Road – First Stop Toronto

david 2 - CopyIt will be our first view of Miguel Gonzalez today, (I do not know a lot about him at the time of opening this blog)Zack Putnam and Matt Albers also in the office. Top

**Top of 1st – Eaton with a single, Rollins with a double, Abreu with an RBI ground out, 1 – 0 Sox lead, Frazier with a walk,

**Bottom of 1st – Blue Jays take the lead 2 to 1.

**Bottom of 3rd – Jays extend the lead to 3 to 1, on a home run with a man on the Jays extend their lead to 5 to 1

**Top of 7th – Melky on with a single, Lawrie with a single but Melky out on the force. Garcia with a single, Rollins walk loaded the bases. Eaton with a 2 RBI single and cutting the lead to 5 to 3, Rollins gets Jackson home for a 5 to 4 Jays lead. Abreu walks and loads the bases again, Frazier with a double and 2 more cross the plate for a Sox 6 to 5 lead

**Top of 9th – Rollins on with a double, Rollins steals 3rd as Abreu takes first on wa walk, Frazier with a Sac Fly to get Rollins home for a 7 to 5 lead

**Bottom of 9th – David Robertson in to close out the game.

**Final Score – White Sox – 7 and Blue Jays – 5

***Game 2 with Chris Sale in the office

**Top of 1st – Eaton safe thanks to E-6,

**Top of 3rd – Garcia with a solo shot for a 1 to 0 Sox lead.

**Top of 5th – Lawrie with a single, Avi with a walk, Navarro at first, , Jackson with double, scoring Lawrie and Avi for a 3 to 1 Sox lead, Sac Fly by Eaton getting Navarro home extending the Sox lead to 4 to 0

**Top of 7th – Avi with a single to right, Navarro with a blast to right field, Sox – 6 and Jays 0, Jackson with a single to right. Eaton with a single, Cannon with a single for a 7 to 0 lead

**Bottom of 7th – Jays open the scoring with a home run 7 to 1, Sox lead

**Top of 9th – Eaton with a bomb taking the score to 8 to 1, Rollins with a double Frazier with a single bringing home Rollins for a 9 to 1 lead, Melky with a single, Lawrie with a walk, Garcia Sac Fly to center scored Frazier for a 10 to 1 lead

**Final Score – Sox 10 and Jays 1

***Game Three – Jose Quintana in the office

**Top of 7th – Frazier with a single; but out on the force at 2nd, Melky safe, Lawrie with a walk moving Melky to 2nd, Navarro with a triple to right scoring Melky and Lawrie for a 2 to 0 Sox lead, Jackson triples bringing home Navarro for a 3 to 0 Sox lead. Eaton walked and safe at second.

**Bottom of 7th – Zack Duke in the office,

**Top of 8th – Abreu with a single, Melky walked. Abreu to 3rd, Melky out and Lawrie safe at first. Garcia with a single, bringing home Abreu and moving Lawrie to 3rd. 4 to 0 Sox lead

***Final Score – White Sox 4 and Blue Jays – 0

Hope you have the broom handy. Pack your travel bag, we are heading for Baltimore.




White Sox Welcome the Rangers

Cannon**It is the first of a 3 game series with the Texas Rangers and Jose Quintana in the office for tonight’s match up.

**Bottom of 1st – Spanky Eaton with a single to left. Eaton out on the force, Jackson is safe, Cannon Abreu with the force play but safe at first.

**Bottom of 2nd – Melk Man with a single, Sands taking a free pass moving Melky to second. On a wild pitch, Melky crosses the plate to open the scoring 1 to 0

**Bottom of 3rd -0 Spanky with a double, Jackson with a sac bunt to move Spanky to 3rd. Cannon with a sac fly to get Spanky home, for a Sox 2 nothing lead.

**Bottom of 5th – on an E 4, Navarro is safe at first.

**Bottom of 6th – Todd Frazier on with a walk, Melky with a double sending Todd to 3rd. Brett Lawrie with a double scoring Todd and Melky for a 4 to 0 Sox lead, Jerry Sands gets Lawrie home for a 5 to 0 lead.

**Top of 7th – The Sox turn a TRIPLE PLAY — 9 3 2 6 2 5

**Bottom of 7th – Jackson with a double,

**Top of 8th – Matt Albers has taken over in the office.

**Top of 9th – Zack Putnam in to lock up the office

**Final Score – White Sox 5 and Rangers 0

****Game Two with Carlos Rodon in the office, here is hoping he can bounce back after a terrible outing.

**Top of 2nd – Rangers open the scoring 1 to 0 with a home run.

**Bottom of 2nd – Melk Man with a screamer to right and a tie score 1 all

**Bottom of 6th – Melky with a single, moves to second on Lawrie’s single. A walk to Avila loads the pond

**Top of 7th – Rodon hands office duties to Petricka for 1 batter who in turn makes way for Zack Duke. Rangers take the lead 2 to 1.

**Bottom of 8th – Frazier with a home run to tie the score at 2, Avi hit by a pitch, On a single by Navarro drives in Melky for a 3 to 2 Sox lead

**Top of 9th – Error gets runner to 3rd, another mistake gets the runner home and it’s a 3 all game. David Robertson in the office.

**Top of 11th – Matt Albers in the office.

**Bottom of 11th – Navarro on with a walk, Jackson hit by a pitch, Bases loaded with Eaton off to first with a walk. Bases loaded, got Navarro at home, Cannon with a single past shortstop scoring Jackson for the win.

***In 11 inning it is the White Sox – 4 and Rangers – 3

**Game 3 with Matt Latos in the office today

**Top of 1st – Texas opens the scoring with a home run to take the lead 1 to 0

**Bottom of 3rd – Navarro with a home run to tie the score at 1 all

**Bottom of 5th Melky with a walk and Brett with a double. Melky scores on a wild pitch, 2 to 0 Sox take the lead, Jerry with a walk, Navarro with a Sac Fly brings Brett home for a 3 to 1 Sox Lead, Jackson with a 2 out double,

**Top of 7th – Zack Duke in the office.

**Bottom of 7th – Jerry on with a single,Navarro with a walk, Jackson loads the bases,

**Top of 8th – Nate Jones in the office

**Bottom of 8th – Cannon with a double , Melky walks Brett with an RBI single for a 4 to 1 Sox lead.

***Final Score – Sox 4 and Rangers 1

**The boys have arrived safely in Canada for their series with the Blue Jays




David Robertson Needs Your Help

1461282944Most of you know about David and his Charity called “High Socks for Hope”

They did a lot of work last year when the tornado’s hit in Alabama. (hope I got the right state)

A lot of you probably do not know how hard he works away from the pitcher’s mound.


All Sports United is giving $10,000 to the winner of the Most Valuable Philanthropists.

You can vote once a day until the 15th of May.

PLEASE take a few minutes to help David, win this award and the cash gift that goes with it. This money will go a long way help those who need him.

Thanks in advance


Friday Positives and Negatives

891White Sox Indians BaseballYes, we lost today and split the series with the Angels.

A year ago today April 21 we were already 5.5 games behind, today we are already playing .500 ball, at 10 and 6. It is a totally different team, and a different vibe.

John Danks pitched today, it was a good outing. He did give up 5 walks but no one scored. He also helped turn 1 of 4 double plays. Yes,John is the 5th starter but yes he does have a big pay packet. He still deserves the same amount of support as every other pitcher on the team. OK, now I hear all of you whining and moaning but you know what, I don’t care, whine away (want some cheese). John is part of the team and is entitled to just as much support as any other member of the pitching staff. John came out publicly and took responsibility for the opening day loss. The second loss for his was hard also, you could see how frustrated he was, he wants anything to help this team. Someone said to day, “wondering if he is just trying too hard to find that spark that he needs?” I actually wonder that myself. You can see in his delivery that he has changed things, maybe it is that one little mechanic that is possibly holding him back. Only time will tell.

The good stuff – Brett Lawrie, Todd Frazier your addition to the team is amazing. Your defense the last few games has been heart stopping at times. The batting will come, we see those little sparks and as you play so hard to help this team and make something happen we can see it. Your arrival has change the dynamic of this team and I hope for years to come. I have the faith in both of you to help this team go far this year.

David Robertson – I am such a fan of yours, Love watching you work. trying to figure out your thought process and your determination that you will win not the batter. 6 saves already and I know good things are coming. Have faith, cause I have faith in you when you walk to the mound. My sorority sister Karen just sent me pictures she took of you for me.

I would live at The Cell all summer if I could, I spend heaps of time tweeting and blogging about the boys. I am trying my best to lobby for Twitter follows from Todd, Brett and David. I will earn those follows if I have to.

Tomorrow the Texas Rangers are in for a visit. Get out to the ball park and support them.


Sox at Home to Welcome the LA Angels

The boys are back home after a 10 game road trip, returning with a 7 and 3 record. Carlos Rodon is in the office today facing former Sox pitcher Hector Santiago.


**Top of 1st – Angels open the scoring 2 to 0 (E-3), after 2 singles it’s now a 4 to 0 lead. Now a 5 to 0 lead and Robin is on the mound. Ventura had sent Rodon to the showers and Jake Petricka is now in the office.

**Bottom of 1st – Rollins on with a walk, Abreu with a loop to right,

**Top of 3rd – 6 to 0 Angels.

**Top of 4th – Zack Putnam in the office.

**Top of 6th – Eaton with a stand up double, Frazier on with a walk,  (boys were left stranded but Frazier has been amazing on defense)

**Bottom of the 6th – Dan Jennings in the office.

**Top of 8th – Angels add another run to take the score to 7 to 0.

***Final Score – Angels 7 and Sox – 0

****GAME TWO – Mat Latos in the office

**Bottom of 2nd – Frazier with a homer to left Sox open the scoring 1 to 0

**Bottom of 3rd – Navarro with a single, Eaton with a perfect bunt to move Navarro to second.

**Bottom of 4th – You can put it on the Board, YES. . . Thanks Cannon, its 2 to 0 Sox, Melky with a single, Jackson with a single to load the pond

**Top of 7th – On 101 pitches Latos is off to the showers, handing Matt Albers the keys to the office.

**Top of 8th – Nate Jones with the office pass,

**Bottom of 8th – Rollins on with a double, Abreu moves Rollins to 3rd, Frazier with a free pass, Melky with a triple to score Rollins and Frazier for a 4 to 0 lead. Lawrie brings Melky home for a 5 to 0 lead

***FINAL SCORE – White sox – 5 and Angels – 0

****GAME THREE – Chris Sale in the office

**Bottom of 1st – Home Run by Saladino to open the scoring 1 to 0

**Bottom of 2nd – Lawrie on with a walk, Sands moves him to 2nd with a single.

**Bottom of 3rd – Eaton steals 2nd. Eaton to 3rd and Abreu safe on a wild pitch.

**Bottom of 5th – Avila with a stand up double,Avila scores on a sacrifice and E-1.

**Bottom of 6th – Frazier with a single, Lawrie with a free pass,(Brett is safe at 2nd on the steal)

**Bottom of 7th – Eaton with a base hit,

**Top of 8th – Chris hit the batter,Robin to the mound (Chris thanked his infield before he departed) Nate Jones in to set up, E-5 by Jerry Sands, David Robertson in to shut this down. Angels get a run, cutting the score to 2 to 1.

**Top of 9th – after an overthrow to first, Sands throws out Trout trying to steal second. Robertson locks the door, this game is ova.

***FINAL SCORE Sox 2 and Angels 1

****GAME FOUR – John Danks in the office

**Bottom of 1st – Rollins walked

**Bottom of 3rd – Avila walked

**Top of 5th – Angels opened the scoring 2 to 0

**Bottom of 7th – Melky gets the Sox on board with a home run 2 to 1 LA still in the lead

**Top of the 9th – a bunt gets the run home for a LA 3 to 1 lead.

**Bottom of the 9th –  Frazier with a home run to cut the lead 3 to 2

***FINAL LA 3 and Sox 2

The Sox and Angels split the series at 2 games apiece.

The Texas Rangers are in for a 3 game series will see Jose Quintana, Carlos Rodon and Mat Latos in the office.




Dear White Sox

WOW, what a start to the 2016 season.

I hope you don’t mind if I chat about some stuff kind of bothering me now.

Chris Sale –  Sir you are truly amazing. What a great complete game the other night that you had. It was wonderful to watch and I cant wait for you to be in the office again.

Adam Eaton – Congrats on the arrival of Brayden. I saw your picture and you have a great family there. You seem to be settling in better around the outfield and I hope that continues to happen. Stay fired up, your energy is catching.

John Danks – My heart goes out to you. I can see that you are struggling. I heard  you after opening day and how you took the responsibility for what happened. I was proud of you stepping up and doing that publically. I know the other day you struggled again to find control and all. YOu could see the frustration in your body language and on your face. Please don’t give up. Things will come your way and you will have that one game that you need to build your confidence. Have some faith John, in your abilities. I get a lot of flack at times for supporting you but I will still be there in your corner, cheering you on.

Todd Frazier – Welcome to Chicago. I saw your tweet today that you were upset with how you were reading the ball. Tomorrow is another day and you will bounce back. It take a little time to settle in with a new team and things will fall into place. I’m following you on Twitter and will continue to tweet support.

Brett Lawrie – you sir are a spunk as we say here and Australia and that is a good think. Love your speed and energy on the bases and in the field. What you have brought to this club is something that we needed for a long time. I am in total awe of your defense skills and how you have closed down second base. You have a new fan here, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Hey Brett and Todd, any chance of a follow on Twitter please, you both would make my whole season.

Thanks for listening. Sleep well, tomorrow is a brand new day full of excitement. Enjoy your time at home, I will be cheering you on from Australia.


Weekend in Tampa

Happy Jackie Robinson day. It is a 3 game series starting tonight with Tampa Bay and will see Chris Sale, John Danks, Jose Quintana and Carlos Rodon in the office for the series. 42 is the only number to be retired across the league.

****GAME ONE – Chris Sale in the office, Picks to click: Avi, Jimmy, Alex

**Top of 1st – Rollins with a double,

**Top of 2nd – Lawrie with a double, Avi with a walk

**Top of 4th – Frazier on with a single to left, Melky with a single to right, Brett safe at first, got the force at second.

**Bottom of 7th – E-7 Rollins

**Top of 8th – Fan injured near home plate.

**Top of 9th – Rollins on with a single,Rollins in a mad dash to 2nd, opening 1st base. Melky with a rocket single to get Rollins home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead.

**Bottom of the 9th – Chris Sale in for a complete game.

***Final Score – Sox – 1 and Tampa Bay – 0

****GAME TWO – John Danks in the office

**Bottom of 3rd – Rays on the board with a home run 1 to 0

**Top of 4th – Abreu hit by a pitch, Frazier with a loop into right, Cannon at 3rd and Todd with a stand up double.

**Bottom of 4th – Rays increase their lead to 2 to 0. Home run takes the Rays lead to 4 to 0

**Top of 7th – Melky on with a bullet to right, wild pitch moved Melky to second, Lawrie with a blast to left center to cut the Rays lead 4 to 2. Sands with a flick to left for a single,

**Bottom of 7th – John Danks passes off to Jake Petricka. Rays extend lead to 5 to 2

**Bottom  of 8th – Rays lead to 7 to 2.

***Final Score – Sox 2 and Tampa Ray – 7

****GAME THREE –  Jose Quintana in the office.

**Bottom of 1st – Tampa opens the scoring 1 to 0

**Top of 3rd – Avi hit by a pitch, review of Eaton’s run to 1st, an RBI single from Jackson to right field gets Avi home for a 1 all ball game.

**Bottom of 3rd – Rays add another to take a 2 to 1 lead, another mistake (E-1) gives the Rays a 3 to 1 lead.

**Top of 4th – Lawrie on with a single to left.

**Top of 7th – Lawrie with a stand up double, Avi with a single and Lawrie’s speed he crossed the plate to cut the lead to 3 to 2

***Final Score – Sox – 2 and Tampa – 3


The Sox are heading for home with a 7 and 3 road trip. Tomorrow the Los Angeles Angels come for a visit, they will send former Sox pitcher Hector Santiago to the office to face Carlos Rodon.


On the Road:Target Field and the Twins

20160414_122809-1****GAME 1 – Jose Quintana is in the office

**Top of 2nd – Lawrie on a single to center brings Frazier home to open the scoring 1 to 0.

**Top of 4th – with bases loaded, Jackson smacks a rocket to center getting Lawrie and Garcia home to extend the Sox lead to 3 to 0

**Bottom of 4th – Twins on the board, Sox still lead 3 to 1

**Top of 5th – Lawrie hit by pitch to load the pond

**Top of 9th  – Cannon(Abreu) walks, Frazier with an RBI double to bring Cannon home for a 4 to 1 Sox lead.

**Bottom of the 9th – David Robertson comes in to close the game for the Sox.

***Final Score – White Sox – 4 and Twins – 1.


****Game 2 – Carlos Rodon in the office.

**Top of 4th – Rollings with the perfect bunt to get on base and spoil the perfect game.

**Top of 6th – Eaton on with a single, Rollins with a single and Eaton stops at 3rd. Abreu hits into a double play but gets Eaton home for a 1 to 0 lead.

**Top of 7th – Lawrie with a single and Jerry Sands with his first home run in a White Sox uniform, it’s 3 to 0 Sox

**Bottom of 7th – Jake Petricka, Zach Duke and now Nate Jones all sharing office duties.

**Top of 9th – Melky with a lead off double.

**bottom of 9th – David Robertson in to close out the game.

***Final Score – Sox with the win 3 to 0 over the Twins.


****Game 3 – Matt Latos in the office.

**Top of 1st – Eaton opens the game with a double. Melky with a single getting Eaton to 3rd. Abreu’s single gets Eaton home to open the scoring 1 to 0

**Top of 4th – Garcia with a solo shot over the center field wall, 2 to 0 Sox,

**Bottom of 4th – Twins on the board 2 to 1.

**Top of 7th – Garcia with a double, Sac Fly by Saladino to get Garcia home for a 3 to 1 lead

**Bottom of 9th – David Robertson in to close the office.

***It is a Sweep of the Minnesota Twins with the Sox taking the final game by a score of 3 to 1.


Chicago on the way to Tampa Bay for a weekend series

It’s Cold at Comisky

The Sox welcome Cleveland for a 3 game series

****GAME ONE – John Danks in the office

**Top of 1st – thanks to an error by the catcher the Indians open the scoring 3 to 0

**Top of 2nd – Indians add 2 more for a 5 to 0 lead

**Bottom of 4th – Todd Frazier with his 2nd home run, 5 to 1 Indians lead.

**Top of 5th – Indians add another one for a 6 to 1 lead. another run in taking the lead to 7 to 1. (it’s snowing again)

**Top of 6th – Dan Jennings now in the office

**Bottom of 6th – Abreu hit by a pitch.

**With the mistakes of the White Sox early in the game, the Indians held on and took out the win 7 to 1

****GAME TWO – Chris Sale in the office.  Black Jersey’s with white pinstripe pants

**Bottom of 3rd – Canon(Abreu) with a blast to open the scoring for the Sox 1 to 0, Frazier safe thanks to E-5,

**Bottom of 4th – Garcia with a single,Avi to second on a wild pitch, E-8 and Avi is home for a 2 to 0 Sox lead, overthrow by the pitcher and Shuck at second.

**Bottom of 5th – Cannon with a looper to center. Wild pitch moves Cannon to second.

**Top of 6th –  Indians tie the game at 2 all

**Top of 7th – Indians take the lead 3 to 2.

**Bottom of 7th – Jackson on with a single, Rollins with a double moving Jackson to 3rd. Cannon gifted 1st thanks the the Intentional walk, pond is loaded. Jackson scores to tie the game, RBI single to right for Melky brings Rollins home for a 4 to 3 Sox lead, Avi with a 3 run shot to take command of the game 7 to 3.

**Matt Albers and Zach Duke combined to close out the game. Series tied at one game each.

Today’s game has been cancelled due to rain. May 23 will be a straight double-header.

Revised pitching will see Jose Quintana on Monday, Carlos Rodon on Wednesday and Matt Latos on Thursday.

Congratulations to Adam and Katie Eaton on the birth of their first child

Tomorrow opens a 3 game series in Minnesota