Just Plain Silliness

Every season I make a wish list, those people who I would love to get a follow from on twitter or just a Hello from. I usually do not share my list but hey, why not this year. I am a pitcher’s girl, always have been, and this list will show it.  I don’t hold much hope but, you never know:

A) Jake Peavy at San Francisco – been following Jake since he was at Chicago, guess you can say I was smitten at first pitch. I cried for 2 days when he was traded to Boston. You should see my collection of Jake pictures on my phone. Even just a hey Cricket would make my season. I follow Jake on Twitter and Periscope. My Jake Peavy Chicago shirt is getting worn out and it will need framed soon, Would love a Giants t-shirt with 22 on the back.

B) David Robertson at Chicago – I did some research about David when he was in New York but he looks heaps better in Chicago Pinstripe. When David is focused and got his nasty as my sisters and I call it, he can send you down in 3 pitches. I follow him on Twitter, check out High Socks for Hope. One day I will own his Jersey.

C) Adam Eaton – you sir are a spunk, here in Australia that is a good thing. Even a follow on Twitter would make my day.


Well, there you go. Some silliness in all this waiting for the official season to start


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