It is Almost Time

As spring league is wrapping up, it has been interesting to watch the boys and to chat with my White Sox friends on Facebook. It has been interesting to take part in discussion about the day’s events and such. If you are on Facebook and a mad diehard Sox fan, look them up at:

                          Chicago White Sox Pride & Passion

Sure, there have been some heavy discussions and all but they are the best group to hang out with. It is going to be a great season.

The additions of Brett Lawrie, and Todd Frazier for our infield. I think it is exactly what we needed. Last year it felt like things were just not right, something missing but this year, watching it is totally different. We have a new catching staff with heaps of experience and you can see the small changes with our pitchers and it is looking like some great connections have been made already.

This year  I am excited for the season. There are high hopes and all. I know this gets said each year but I really think that this could very well be our year to see post season play.

See you in Oakland for opening day on April 4 and in Chicago on April 9th when The Cell opens


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