Enough Already

Over the last few days it has been beyond frustrating to have the constant negative about Adam La Roche and John Danks and the current season.

Sure, with John’s contract, he is one of the highest paid players on the team, but there is no contract extention and I am not sure if his no trade to certain teams list is still active. No, he has not been 100% since his shoulder surgery. Just becasue he had a bad outing during spring break everyone has lost the plot and calling for his head on a platter. Jake Peavy got hammered the other day, a 13.55 era and I heard nothing about that. Jake is a good solid pitcher and that is why I am still following him.

Adam is having back issues and just because he is not producing, you want to throw him to the wolves. I want you to pick up a bat and try having a swing when your struggling to just get through your day. Give him a change to get healthy, Adam of all people will know that he needs to produce this year to even have a chance of a possible new contract.

The economics of the two contracts is this, it is cheaper in the long run to keep them both, then to trade for fire them for the fact of still having to pay them out. Jeff Keppinger was still getting paid after he had to retire hurt at the end of the season. He will had a year to go and the Sox still had to pay him.

Everyone wants the perfect team to have the perfect season and it just does not happen. The boys are dealing with minor injuries and all, they are getting looked at by a good staff. The other elephant in the room is Robin and everyone screaming for him to be fired. At this point, Robin is staying, did you miss the article with Chris Sale , who said that with the departure of certain players from last year, it is a total different vibe in the locker room.

Sure, I have hated the fact of Detroit or Kansas City the last few years and it is time to change that. I really that this season is different and that we can be there in the playoffs.

I think that John could be better used in the middle order, short work. I have noticed in the past that John gets into trouble when he starts getting tired. He lets his frustrations show way to much when his stuff is not working for him. Adam just needs to step up and start hitting home runs. That is his job, send him to Charlotte if he is needing work on his mechanics.

Going to leave you with a thought, If you are constatly venting the negative and putting it out there, how do you thing the boys are feeling?

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