Arriving at the Ranch

Today is the one day that all massive baseball fans wait for each year, Pitchers and Catchers report for training.

It has been a frustrating off-season for all the negative that I have read. sure I get the frustrations of everyone, don’t get me wrong. There were some good positives that happened during trade period. We now have Todd Frazier and Brett Laurie, a good secure infield. Look like Tyler Saladino will take up residence at shortstop. We have a new catching staff and it will be interesting to watch how they come together. I am truly hoping that Adam LaRoche can produce this year, he was a real disappointment last season.

There is a video on Facebook I saw today of Jose Abreu and about his work ethic. How he keeps a routine and a journal of what he has done to help him be a better ball player. I wish everyone would adopt his work style, we would have a great team and I can’t even imagine the focus the team would have.

The pitching will be interesting, With Chris, Carlos and Jose Q, it is going to be a great year. I am really tired of all the negative with John Danks and his pay pack. This is the final year of his contract, it would be cheaper to let him finish the year and to not pick up his contract, then to do whatever and have to pay him out with the possibility of a bigger check then what he is getting now. My understanding is that they are still paying Konerko out on his contract. With John’s surgery he has never gotten his full speed back, and when he can find his stuff, he is so solid and it is hard to get a hit off him but, I think he is to the point that when he gets in trouble you can not leave him out there. I would love to see him moved to the middle order, be the set up for David Robertson and Nate Jones. I think John’s strength is in the shorter part of the game, you can see when he gets visibly upset with himself, it shows and he loses control.

Only time will tell how things will go, the Sox are starting to be picked to win the Division.

See you at the Ranch


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