Pre Season Frustrations

Soxfest was last weekend and it looked amazing by all the pic I saw. I would give anything to go just once. To the work shops and to be able to get an autograph from my favorite player.

There were some great trades during the off-season. We now have a second and third baseman, which we needed the stability there. The try for another outfielder was a real mess. Some of the pay packets these guys were asking , are totally nuts. Triple figures for less than 10 years, at age 30 or over.

Even with the guys we lost through trade, We have gained much-needed experience, we lost those who held us back last year. It is going to be a great year. I can’t wait for the season to start, the boys report to the ranch is a few days. It is always good to see how everyone settles in. With new catchers this year, there will need to be some fast trust build between pitchers and catchers. We have more experienced catchers with us and that is hoping that they are able to gun down base runners.

I am still seeing so much negative and it’s really frustrating. I get that people are unhappy and all but it’s the fair weather fans that really crap me silly. It breaks my heart to see the stands empty, if I was in Chicago I would be at The Cell every day.

The other frustrating talk is that Robin will be gone by the mid-season break. Answer me this, “How do you know that?”

It is a new season and a new team, anything is possible.

See you at the ranch.

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