End of Year Thoughts

As of today: It is 98 days til baseball season opens and 102 days til The Cell opens

One thing that has frustrated me is the pitching talk and who everyone would trade and all. The duo of Chris Sale and Jose Quintana are amazing as a 1, 2 punch. I am tired of all the trade John Danks talk, because of his pay packet, he wont be traded so you just need to deal with it. I do think John would be better suited to lead the middle attack. Danks has never been the same since his surgery. I think he would be better suited there, his experience would be invaluable. The combination of David Robertson and Nate Jones in closing should work well. Nate is coming off 2 terrible injuries and will need more time to find his way back.

The Todd Frazier deal was a complete surprise. We did struggle last season at that position and I am happy to see an experienced player in that spot. Brett Lawrie also joining the squad will be a good fit I think. The experience they bring will help a lot. With the Sox not taking the option with Alexei Ramirez still leaves questions in my book, can a young guy step up and fill that spot, will lack of game time in the big leagues be an issue.

We were not able to deal Adam LaRoche and I wonder if that was a good or bad thing. We would have had to pay too much of his salary had we been able to off load him, so he either needs to produce or go home.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Robin. Jerry likes Robin so , he is not going anywhere as much as everyone says he needs to go. Big question is simple. Who would replace him?, to be honest here is not really anyone out there who could. People forget that Robin is not the one on the field playing every day. Now, with that said, he is the one who should be inspiring and being more disciplining when plays are not going right or a player needs benched to get it through his head it is a team effort.

** On a side note, thanks heaps for your support this season. Cant wait for 2016


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