November 2015

Post Season Thinking

12143177_10154356671508298_5168904825570331052_nAfter seeing a lot of negative frustrating post season articles, I decided it was time to stop by and have a vent basically.

Yes, I was very disappointed by were we finished in the course of the season. I really thought we would have made it into the play offs. Jeff Samardzija teamed with Chris Sale was supposed to be the top of our pitching but, with the struggles that Jeff had and with him and Chris being suspended after the trip to Kansas City. I am actually glad that Jeff will be gone. I saw the other day that Chris was 4th on the Cy Young voting. Here’s hoping that next year will be a different story.

John Danks — Yes, I know his pay packet that everyone gripes about. He has never found consistent form since his surgery. He might extend his career if he would move to the bull pen, become middle rotation. Maybe a set up for David Robertson, to come in and close. I have a feeling that this will be his last year with us. Nate Jones is back and helping to close but I do not think he is ready full-time. Just coming off back surgery with Tommy John surgery on top of it. Nate is still going to need time to heal. I think he and Robertson make a good one two punch.

Mark Buehrle — Mark gave things away in Toronto at the end of the season. Not going to the playoffs, with the Blue Jays I thought was kind of odd, but Mark had been struggling and felt it best to get away from it all for now. Sox fans are hoping that they will step in and make him an offer. even if it’s just for a year then he can retire a White Sox. ¬†Teaming Mark with Chris would be an amazing 1, 2 punch. I read that Mark was taking time away with his family and working out what he wants to do now.

Alexei Ramirez — is no longer a White Sox. They did not pick up his option. Sad in a way, thought he would have retired a Sox but it is not meant to be. Sure I do agree that it is time for the younger kids to start playing but who is the air apparent? Gordon Beckham is not on the list for next year also. Adam La Roche also did not have a great year with the bat and that one needs to change. He was supposed to be the support and all to Jose Abreu and it just did not happen.

Winter meetings will be interesting, to see what happens and if there are any more movements on the roster front. I am still not happy that Robin is managing next year. We someone with some fire and to get the boys inspired. There needs to be a lot of consistency and stability to have any hope of playing ball in October in 2016.