Closing the Blog

283881_248029605218243_5090285_nI have NOT lost interest in the boys of Summer, but we all know how this is going to end. It has been a season starting full of hope and hoping for post season play but things kept falling apart and we just could not keep up.

Just my thoughts here: Pitching needs a major overhaul to say the least. The Jeff Samardzjia project is hopefully over. What a mistake it was to get him, what happened to him being so good? The best thing that Rick and the Sox can do is turn him lose.

I know some of the boys have one year left on their contract and its a lot easier to keep them, then trying to unload them due to the cost.

I know Robin has one year left on his contract but maybe it is time for him to go. We need some new inspiration.

I hate saying this but we need to look at the Royals and why they are sitting on top. What is about them that we are missing? We have a great crew and a lot of good talent but that one thing I just cant put my finger on is missing.

This time last year we were — 69 Wins with 83 loses and 15 games out. Today we are — 69 Wins with 76 loses and 16.5 games out. Just about par with last year, I just hope in the off-season that someone can figure this out. That we can keep the group of guys together and finally win this things instead of having to watch.

I just want to thank everyone who has read the blog this season, I cant thank you enough for taking the time out to read it.

I will be around next season, just not as much so I can work on some other projects.

Still following the boys and cheering them on, maybe next year will be OUR YEAR



Sad to agree with you, but sounds like the right decision.

thanks, here’s to next season

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