WE Swept the Royals

To be honest I was really worried about this series. Going in I had no clue what to expect. The boys have been up and down all season. Just when I thought we finally would get on a roll, we hit that bump in the road and lost our way. Jeff Samardzjia was not worth the money we paid and I am hoping that he moves on. He has not delivered this season, we need a pitching staff that can. Erik Johnson has made a return to the big dance and had a great outing today. I keep hearing so much negative about John Danks, yes he has a big pay packet, I get why everyone complains, but also John has delivered when it is needed. I know that they are adjusting the roster for the upcoming series, John has better luck with Minnesota.

Rob Brantly is up with the boys, its good to see him get some experience and for Tyler and Geovany to have a break. I hope that he gets some series game time. Joining Rob from Charlotte is Leury Garcia, Mike Olt(who we got off wavers from the scrubbies). It is good to see some new blood, getting a chance to play and the experience will be helpful.

Frankie Montas(from Birmingham) and Erik Johnson are on the pitching staff, hope to see Frankie pitch, and that he will get lots of offensive/defensive support.

David Robertson at his nasty best with help from Nate Jones. I am thrilled that Nate is finally back in the office. He has been through hell and he needs that confidence.

Coming up is a 3 games series with the Indians, a day off before the Twins arrive for another 3 games, then its the Oakland A’s for a 4 spot.


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