August 2015

Sox at The Cell

1579608It’s the first game of this home stand against the Los Angeles Angels and I have two single words for you: Avi Garcia. I have two other words for you, Chris Sale

First: Chris Sale finally back on track in a much-needed positive outing. Chris went 7.1 innings, giving up 5 hits with only 2 runs allowed with 2 walks and 7 strike outs, faced 29 batters. Sale’s era now sits at 3.47. Nate Jones locked up the office for the win, allowing 1 hit and 1 strike out, facing 6 batters.

The 4th inning would see the first of 2 home runs by Avi with a solo shot to left center 435 feet, giving the Sox a 3 to 0 lead. 2 innings later Avi would do it again but with Jose Abreu and Melky Cabrera on base for a 6 to 0 lead.

The American League Central has gotten nuts to say the least, as of the writing of this , the Sox are 14.5 games out of first, (6.5 out of the wild card) We actually need help from Detroit to beat Kansas City so we can gain some ground. We have Detroit sitting 1 game ahead of us. Two more games with the Angels before it is the Cross Town Rival against the Scrubbies.

Updated Injury List: Emilio Bonifacio is still out with, left oblique strain and in on the list since July 29th, J.B Shuck with a left Hamstring strain, currently in therapy with a possible return of mid August. Daniel Webb is dealing with a back strain and there is no date for his return.


Sunday Musings — My thoughts so far

10361518_3509412416527_814849475004887912_nIt has been an interesting season so far, everyone has had their moments and basically want results yesterday but what do you do. Been sitting back and watching this all play out. The boys are in a series with the Royals now and we are getting hammered. They are setting the bench mark. We are getting back to where we need to be, holding our own. Sure we have had hiccups but what team doesn’t. I guess what really annoys me at times is the constant negative about every little thing. We can have a great win but someone still finds something wrong about the game.

Just my thoughts about players and all:

Chris Sale: Yes , he has had a couple of really crappy outings. I didn’t hear everyone going off at him, or complaining about his pay packet compared to John Danks. Chris is so amazing when he is on that I know one day, he will get that perfect game, but I do not think it will change him at all. He will just go about being this amazing person, father and Sox pitcher.

John Danks: When John is on, there is no stopping him. After his shoulder surgery, I do not think he was ever just quiet right, and when John has a bad outing, one of the first negative things I see is all about the fact that he is getting paid too much.  Yea, OK, maybe he does have a large paycheck but do we really understand the strain and all that opening pitchers really put their bodies through? It would not surprise me to see John retire at the end of his contract.

Nate Jones: What a bad run Nate has had of late, just in rehab for his back and the dreaded Tommy John curse hit him.  I had read in an article that he broke down and cried when it happened. He has worked so hard, and the Sox have been so patient and given him everything that he has needed to make his return. Nate will need time but I think he will find his way back.

The Infield: when they are on, they are a full freak of nature. some of the stuff they are doing to turn double plays that you look at the replay and go, how the hell did they do that. I know everyone was a Micah Johnson fan but he was just not producing the needed offence, defense was great but something was needed to change. Conor Gillaspie was traded to the LA Angels, He is with Hector Santiago and I hope that he will find his way, Gordon Beckham was with the Angels and how he is back with the Sox so , anything can happen. Alex Ramirez is a freak of nature at times, when he has found what my Sorority Sisters and I call, “his nasty” Look up his highlight of the throw behind the back to get the force at second base. It does not always work but when it does, look out

The Outfield: They don’t get as much credit as they deserve, but when they are needed they put the body on the line to make that catch. Some days it works some days it doesn’t and the injuries take place. Avisail Garcia was out for almost a year with a shoulder injury from making a diving catch, with surgery and rehab he returned, getting stronger. The boys are great and they have a good re-pore and work well together.  Communication out there is the biggest key.

As I said, just some of my thoughts, I love my boys no matter where they finish at the end of the year.