Stir it Up, the Boys Are On A Roll

1-t5602486-400I am not sure to be honest. The boys hit an 8 game slump and I was as frustrated as the rest of my Sorority Sisters. We had all the things we needed but then it was like, the magic disappeared. They forgot how to play basic ball. Just do the simple things to get the job done. As Hawk says, just “Catch” the ball. The Stir it up and nasty for the pitchers had disappeared. Frustration had turned to discouragement, as I woke up each morning, waiting on the scores on my phone.

For some reason, here was a win, and then another…Here is Chris Sale in St.Louis having to bat and getting his first Major League hit and he even scored a run. In the same game he got the strike out record to be second all time. No reason why he cant have another go at the record and get it this time because there is plenty of season left.

How did I miss the new kid, Tyler Saladino, he is kick arse and for his first hit of his career its an RBI triple. This kid is going to have a great career and may have been the spark we needed. Hang on to this kid Rick.

Spanky Eaton, you rock man….that walk-off home run was great, the stir it up sign has been coming out again and it is exciting.

The boys have taken 2 so far away from the Scrubbies, and it was Chris Sale against John Lester today and I had a feeling it would be big but it was Chris and the “nasty” pitching that only allowed one run in the game. As far as I am concerned Kris Bryant is not as good as they made him out to be.

Enjoy the All Star game, I am taking a short vacation and will see you when the second season starts



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