July 2015

Got a Broom, Its a SWEEP

1781973_10203853778327003_9147704401115001297_nYes, Sox fans you are reading that correctly. The win today with Carlos Rodon on the mound, to be honest I was kinda worried with him getting belted last time out. He is getting better and I would like to think that Chris talks with him after the his games to help him get better.

Carlos Sanchez belted his second home run today, his first was in last nights game.

Alexei Ramirez puts on a defensive clinic in this series, they have turned more double plays. The combination of Ramirez and Sanchez is ripping it up and I hope they can keep it going.

Monday, we are in Boston for a Sox Drawer battle, has John Danks in the opener. Danks is 5 wins and 8 loses against Kelly with a record of 2 and 6. Jeff Samardzjia ( 7 – 5) mound office on Tuesday facing off against Miley with an even record of 8 wins and 8 loses.

Wednesday’s Sox battle sees Jose Quintana coming off his first complete game with a record of 5 wins and 9 loses facing Porcello with a 5 wins – 10 loss record.

The final pitchers for the closing game of the series have yet to be announced. The White Sox will close the month of July out in New York for a series with the Yankees.

Quintana Gets a Complete Game

69593_10152343179216162_1889216170_nYes, you are reading that right, Jose Quintana finally gets his first complete game. He had 9 innings pitches allowing 7 hits and 8 strike outs for an ERA of 3.56

The boys are on n 8 game road trip currently in Cleveland and tonight was a 6 to 0 shut out. Jose allowed 7 hits and the Sox had NO errors. Q (as my Sisters call him) was up against Cory Kluber. Abreu had a homer. By the way in yesterdays game, Melky hit a home run from each side of the plate. He is only the 6th Sox player in history to do that. Last time I Sox player did it, it was 2008

At the time of writing this entry Kansas City was losing 4 to 0 against Houston.

**In other news Conor Gillaspie was traded to the Los Angeles Angels for a cash amount.


Almost Back

It is time for the boys to return.

I am hoping that the time away has helped to heal those little niggles and get the head space right for some kick arse baseball this second half.

This weekend celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the World Series win. Many players are returning to The Cell for the celebration. I can’t wait to break out the special shirt that my Sorority sister sent me.

The boys open on Friday with a double-header against Kansas City, we need as many wins as we can get from this series to get a good start. Right now they are the benchmark of the Central League.



Stir it Up, the Boys Are On A Roll

1-t5602486-400I am not sure to be honest. The boys hit an 8 game slump and I was as frustrated as the rest of my Sorority Sisters. We had all the things we needed but then it was like, the magic disappeared. They forgot how to play basic ball. Just do the simple things to get the job done. As Hawk says, just “Catch” the ball. The Stir it up and nasty for the pitchers had disappeared. Frustration had turned to discouragement, as I woke up each morning, waiting on the scores on my phone.

For some reason, here was a win, and then another…Here is Chris Sale in St.Louis having to bat and getting his first Major League hit and he even scored a run. In the same game he got the strike out record to be second all time. No reason why he cant have another go at the record and get it this time because there is plenty of season left.

How did I miss the new kid, Tyler Saladino, he is kick arse and for his first hit of his career its an RBI triple. This kid is going to have a great career and may have been the spark we needed. Hang on to this kid Rick.

Spanky Eaton, you rock man….that walk-off home run was great, the stir it up sign has been coming out again and it is exciting.

The boys have taken 2 so far away from the Scrubbies, and it was Chris Sale against John Lester today and I had a feeling it would be big but it was Chris and the “nasty” pitching that only allowed one run in the game. As far as I am concerned Kris Bryant is not as good as they made him out to be.

Enjoy the All Star game, I am taking a short vacation and will see you when the second season starts



1 Special Game and 1 Beating the Rain

saleThe Sox have been in one place I have always wanted to go. St.Louis to Bush Stadium, for a 2 game series with the Cardinals. The Cardinals are the best team with the best record in baseball now and I truly wondered if we would survive.

*Game One – Sox 2 and Cardinals 1

It turned out to be the Chris Sale show, Let me explain this one. First, it was Chris’s 8th appearance in a row with 10 or more strike outs. It puts Chris second on the all time list. If he keeps pitching the way he is, I am secretly hoping that the can break the record. OK, second hit, being in a National League park the pitchers have to bat, Chris got his first official hit. I was glad to see that they pulled the ball for him to keep. Jose Abreu was up to bat and thanks to a wonky bounce off 2nd and went into center field. Chris was waved home. Thanks to a Tyler Flowers home run we took this game out.

*Game 2 —  Sox 7 and Cardinals 1

It was a real team effort today, Mother Nature kept throwing everything she had at this game but the boys would win and would do it big.

1st inning – Cardinals on the board 1 – 0

5th inning – Adam Eaton single would bring Flowers home for a 1 all game.

6th inning – Melky Cabrera would homer to right center for a 2 to 1 ball game and the Sox would not be denied from here on out.

9th inning – The fireworks would start with Flowers belting  a homer to left center with Alexei Ramirez on the pond for a 4 to 1 lead, with the pond full, Abreu’s single to left brought Sanchez home LaRoche to 3rd and Eaton to 2nd. Melky would ground out but it allowed LaRoche to come home for a 6 to 1 Sox lead, the final score of the game, Eaton coming home on an error by the 3rd baseman for a 7 to 1 lead. Scott Carroll held his nerve in the bottom of the 9th to get Jose Quintana the win.

The Sox are off to Baltimore for a series.

*Injury Note – Dan Jennings has returned to the team from the Injury list.