Dear Rick — Again

chicago_white_sox_logoHere we are after two heart-break loses and the ties of the sox are still resisting to do anything.

From what I read about today’s loss, Robin hung Jeff out to dry. My question is “Why Robin would you do that?”

In Thursday’s loss we had Adam Eaton smack his second lead off home run in as many games, In Friday’s, game we had home runs from Eaton, Abreu and Flowers and still could not get the job finished.

I just wonder what is it going to take to get some fire back in this team?

I stopped reading my Facebook feed for all the negative crap from fans. They want to just trade the whole team ans start over then they really need to start at the top with management. Someone needs to throw a big old fit to piss people up and fire up this team.

I love my boys and I will back them, have faith in them and cheer them on but you need to rethink Robin taking this club to the playoffs. If he stays I have a feeling we wont be playing past September.

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