We Actually Won

Carlos Sanchez with a bases clearing double gave the Sox the lead but the boys almost blew it in the bottom of the 9th. 8 to 7 was the final score. It was an ugly win but we got it.

As of late, which I do understand is all the negative about how bad things are. Well, yea things are crap but I am not going to join the rest of the negative Nellie’s and ripping the team to shreds. I would love Robin to throw a temper tantrum and put the boot up a few of the boys to rattle their cages.

There have been too many errors of late and that is causing some issues which need addressed. Hawk Harrelson has said many times that there is no need to over complicate just catching the ball. Call it, use two hand and secure the out.

The other day John Danks pitching and we got hammered big time and all I could see was that John was useless and needed traded. He was worthless and he needed to just retire. Here is a thought, How do you think John felt standing out on the mound as things were falling apart around him?

Chris Sale only struck out 10 the other day and I still think we lost that game but no one was talking about his performance. Carlos Rodon had a bad outing and everyone wanted to send him back to Charlotte. Everyone gets crappy when there is a losing streak or someone has a bad game, look out there is hell to pay.

The boys won today so, just checking my Facebook feed and its all quiet. Someone did say it was a good day because the Sox won and the Scrubbies lost. Yes, I will agree with that one.

I am keeping faith and doing my best to stay positive. I love my boys in black and white pinstripe,there may be times that I do not write much about their slump or off time, why should I add to all the negative crap they already know.

So, Here is the Question — When is the last time you chose to be positive in a negative situation?


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