We Won but……

10361518_3509412416527_814849475004887912_nWe finally got a win today and I am thrilled for that. It has been really hard to watch at times.

Chris Sale during Friday’s game was truly amazing to say the least. What broke my heart was that the boys could not hold the win for him. We all know what a perfect game does to pitchers and I know that one day Chris will have the perfect game.

I understand all the negative and calls for Robin to be fired or to walk. I had those same thoughts during this skid but Jerry and Rick still have faith in him and as hard as it all is now, they seem to know what they want.

I have read a lot of the negative stuff and I get the frustrations and all. Everyone wants us to win, win big and win now. Yes, even I would love to see more wins then loses. There are times where patience is needed to get through a rough patch and I think we have hit one of those.

Everyone is saying trade this person or that one but WHY, is that really going to solve what is going on? I read the other day that the Scrubbies want Jeff Samardzjia back, someone said trade David Robertson. Jeff is on a 1 year contract and he is 30, I like Jeff but is he really worth the big money? David is on a 4 year contract, he has 13 saves and his ERA is back under 1.00. So, WHY would you want to trade him, he is one of the best closer’s in the game.

I can only imagine what goes on in the locker room after a loss. How hard are the boys on themselves, having doubts about what is going on and how can they fix it.

I saw the headline of an article that Chris Sale will not bash his teams mates for what is going on now.

Maybe, it is time we do the same. Prove that you are the true die-hard fans you say you are?


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