1924784_10203754512445589_8169856087209915222_nI have seen more than my fair share of the negative crap of late.

Everyone wants Robin gone, OK I do see that but if Kenny and Jerry have faith in him what more can be done. I will be interested to see if they do renew his contract.

Today we had a lead and blew it. I cant even think of a more frustrating day. At least we scored and we had no errors, which I will take. Now, what happened to Jeff Samardzija I have not clue. He was the complete attitude with a heap of nasty added in. Right now I am glad that we only have him for a year, because of things just do not change in some way, it is time for him to move on.

Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and John Danks make a good core in the rotation. They all have their own strengths. David Robertson is amazing and I love how when his nasty is on that no one makes it to first base. We have him for 5 years and I know that he will be amazing to watch.

We have minor injuries at the moment, and as of today Dan Jennings is on the 15 day D.L with neck swelling. Nate Jones is continuing to throw and getting better. The hope is that he will be ready to return after the All Star Game, this year in Cincinnati. Which brings up Pete Rose and him taking part in the events leading up to the game. There is what I am going to call, rumors, talk, give it your own label but that it is time for Pete to be reinstated into baseball so he can make the Hall of Fame. Ok, I know there are going to be those who are screaming at me now that he got what he deserves and he has no right to make it to Cooperstown. Well, you want to make that comment, lets talk about Alex Rodriguez and the PEDS scandal, that is one person that I hope never makes it to the Hall of Fame. I do not care what records that he breaks, he has forever tarnished the game.

Enough about all of that, only time will tell what happens, I know that the boys are going to have good days and crappy ones but I will still be there following along.

Rick Hahn gave an interview that it is not time to give up on the boys, that we can still play a part and blow the division wide open.I am taking my cue from Rick, as hard as some days will be I am keeping the faith.

So, Here’s the Question — Are you a diehard no matter what fan or are you just along for the ride when the boys are winning?


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