Game 3 with the Rangers

10361518_3509412416527_814849475004887912_nCarlos Rodon is in the office for the final game in the series. Jake Petricka joins Carlos on the pitching staff for the game today. Jake passes the keys to Zach Duke. Daniel Webb and Dan Jennings both join the staff for the night

Lineup: Eaton(Spanky), Cabrera, Abreu, LaRoche, Garcia(Avi), Ramirez(Alexei), Beckham(Bacon), Flowers, Sanchez

*Bottom of 1st – Rangers open the scoring and lead 1 to 0.

*Top of 4th – Avi at 3rd and Alexei at first. Bacon kisses a sac fly to right bringing Avi home for a 1 all ball game.

*Top of 6th – The Beard is on with an infield single(listed an error)

*Top of 7th – The Beard on with a single to left

*Bottom of 7th – Jake Petricka is in the office,Zach Duke takes over in the office

*Top of 8th – The Beard is on with an infield single. another Texas error gets Avi on 1st, moving LaRoche to second.

*Bottom of 8th – Daniel Webb now in the office. Rangers have loaded the bases.

*Top of 9th – Spanky on with a single.

*Bottom of 11 – 22 total base runners left stranded, Texas has 4 errors in this game. Dan Jennings now in the office. With runners at first and second, Choo hits a single to left to score the winning run

*Final score is Texas 2 and Sox 1

Pack your travel bag as we head for home and welcome the Detroit Tigers.

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