Time to Sale Away

1781973_10203853778327003_9147704401115001297_nGame 2 with the Texas Rangers and it’s Chris Sale in the mound office. Jake Petricka and Zach Duke also in the office today

The boys are wearing the gray away uniforms today.

Line up: Eaton(Spanky), Cabrera(Melky), Abreu(Cannon,DH) La Roche(The Beard), Garcia(Avi), Ramirez(Alexei), Beckham(Bacon), Flowers,(T-Flow)  Sanchez, Bonifacio (in at DH for Cannon)

*Top of 2nd – Sanchez smacks a line drive to score Avi and Alexei with Bacon holding at 2nd. Score opens Sox – 2 and Rangers – 0. Spanky doubles bringing home Sanchez and Bacon taking the Sox lead to 4 to 0. Cannon belts a home run with Spanky on the pond for a 6 to 0 Sox lead at the close of the inning.

*Top of 4th – Spanky with a walk to open the inning, E2 sees Spanky held up at 3rd base. Cannon with a single to left gets Spanky home to extend the lead to 7 to 0. The Beard with a walk, Avi fills the pond with a walk, Alexei hits into a Rack’em up to close the inning.

*Top of 5th – T-Flow with a double, moves to 3rd on the 1st out by Melky

*Top of 6th – The Beard with a walk to open the inning.

*Top of 7th – T-Flow with Bacon on board smacks a home run and takes the Sox lead to 9 to 0.

*Top of 8th – Bonifacio in at DH for Cannon

*Bottom of 8th – J.B Shuck into right for Avi and Jake Petricka has taken over in the office for Chris. Zach Duke arrived with bases loaded and walked the batter, Texas  – 1 and Sox – 9

*Top of 9th – Bacon on with a walk

*Bottom of 9th – Home run makes it a 9 to 2 Sox lead.

Final score is Texas – 2 and the Sox – 9. Carlos Rodon is on the mound for the closing game of the series.



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