June 2015

Dear Rick — Again

chicago_white_sox_logoHere we are after two heart-break loses and the ties of the sox are still resisting to do anything.

From what I read about today’s loss, Robin hung Jeff out to dry. My question is “Why Robin would you do that?”

In Thursday’s loss we had Adam Eaton smack his second lead off home run in as many games, In Friday’s, game we had home runs from Eaton, Abreu and Flowers and still could not get the job finished.

I just wonder what is it going to take to get some fire back in this team?

I stopped reading my Facebook feed for all the negative crap from fans. They want to just trade the whole team ans start over then they really need to start at the top with management. Someone needs to throw a big old fit to piss people up and fire up this team.

I love my boys and I will back them, have faith in them and cheer them on but you need to rethink Robin taking this club to the playoffs. If he stays I have a feeling we wont be playing past September.

We Actually Won

Carlos Sanchez with a bases clearing double gave the Sox the lead but the boys almost blew it in the bottom of the 9th. 8 to 7 was the final score. It was an ugly win but we got it.

As of late, which I do understand is all the negative about how bad things are. Well, yea things are crap but I am not going to join the rest of the negative Nellie’s and ripping the team to shreds. I would love Robin to throw a temper tantrum and put the boot up a few of the boys to rattle their cages.

There have been too many errors of late and that is causing some issues which need addressed. Hawk Harrelson has said many times that there is no need to over complicate just catching the ball. Call it, use two hand and secure the out.

The other day John Danks pitching and we got hammered big time and all I could see was that John was useless and needed traded. He was worthless and he needed to just retire. Here is a thought, How do you think John felt standing out on the mound as things were falling apart around him?

Chris Sale only struck out 10 the other day and I still think we lost that game but no one was talking about his performance. Carlos Rodon had a bad outing and everyone wanted to send him back to Charlotte. Everyone gets crappy when there is a losing streak or someone has a bad game, look out there is hell to pay.

The boys won today so, just checking my Facebook feed and its all quiet. Someone did say it was a good day because the Sox won and the Scrubbies lost. Yes, I will agree with that one.

I am keeping faith and doing my best to stay positive. I love my boys in black and white pinstripe,there may be times that I do not write much about their slump or off time, why should I add to all the negative crap they already know.

So, Here is the Question — When is the last time you chose to be positive in a negative situation?


Walk off in Eleven and Other News

1236138_10154066916648298_1878069194310329182_nFather’s Day at The Cell welcomed the Stanley Cup and a visit from the Chicago Black hawks.

Playing today were: Adan Eaton, Avi Garcia, Abreu as DH, LaRoche at 1st, Cabrera, Ramirez, Gillaspie,Beckham, Flowers, Sanchez.

Pitching Staff – Jose Quintana, Zach Duke, David Robertson, Zach Putnam, Jake Petricka

*1st inning – Texas opened the scoring with a home run. 1 to 0

*Bottom of 6th – Ramirez single to first base brought Abreu home for a 1 all game, Gillaspie hit a sac fly to see Cabrera cross the plate for a 2 to 1 Sox lead.

*Top of 7th – Another Texas home run for a 2 – 2 tie ball game.

*Bottom of 11th – Beckham solo home run to left field for a 3 to 2 win.

*Injury List – Nate Jones was  listed to throw a simulated game on June 5th. There is no other update on his progress at this time. Dan Jennings is still out with neck issues and Matt Albers is still recovering from surgery.

We Won but……

10361518_3509412416527_814849475004887912_nWe finally got a win today and I am thrilled for that. It has been really hard to watch at times.

Chris Sale during Friday’s game was truly amazing to say the least. What broke my heart was that the boys could not hold the win for him. We all know what a perfect game does to pitchers and I know that one day Chris will have the perfect game.

I understand all the negative and calls for Robin to be fired or to walk. I had those same thoughts during this skid but Jerry and Rick still have faith in him and as hard as it all is now, they seem to know what they want.

I have read a lot of the negative stuff and I get the frustrations and all. Everyone wants us to win, win big and win now. Yes, even I would love to see more wins then loses. There are times where patience is needed to get through a rough patch and I think we have hit one of those.

Everyone is saying trade this person or that one but WHY, is that really going to solve what is going on? I read the other day that the Scrubbies want Jeff Samardzjia back, someone said trade David Robertson. Jeff is on a 1 year contract and he is 30, I like Jeff but is he really worth the big money? David is on a 4 year contract, he has 13 saves and his ERA is back under 1.00. So, WHY would you want to trade him, he is one of the best closer’s in the game.

I can only imagine what goes on in the locker room after a loss. How hard are the boys on themselves, having doubts about what is going on and how can they fix it.

I saw the headline of an article that Chris Sale will not bash his teams mates for what is going on now.

Maybe, it is time we do the same. Prove that you are the true die-hard fans you say you are?


Games 1 and 2 with Tampa Bay

1579608I am disappointed by the outcome of both games. The positives so far is that neither game was a shutout. There were some bright spots in both games but silly mistakes cost us to much-needed wins.

*Game one

Error – Abreu missed a catch

Pitching Staff – John Danks, Daniel Webb, Junior Guerra

*Bottom of 2nd – Tampa opened the scoring 2 to – 0

*Top of 5th – Sox tied it at 2 all. With Carlos Sanchez on base, Adam Eaton with a bunt single brought Sanchez home. Alexei Ramirez sac fly brought Eaton home for the 2nd score of the inning.

*Bottom of 5th – The Rays take the lead 3 to 1. The add 3 more in the bottom of the 6th to take a 6 to 2 lead.

*Top of 7th – Sox add their final 3 runs with Carlos Sanchez crossing the plate on a Ramirez ground out. Jose Abreu hits a home run to right with Eaton on base. Rays – 6 and the Sox – 5.

*Bottom of 7th – Tampa Bay adds the final run of the day taking the score to 7 to 5.

**Game 2. Rays – 5 and Sox 4

Pitching Staff – Jeff Samardzjia, Zach Putnam, Jake Petricka

*Top of 1st – Ramirez scores on an Abreu single. Sox – 1 and Rays – 0

*Bottom of 1st – Rays tie the score at 1 all

*Top of 4 – Melky Cabrera line drive to center brings Abreu across the place for a 2 all game.

*Bottom of 7th – Rays take the lead 3 to 2

*Top of 8th – Conor Gillaspie belts a home run to right with Eaton on board for a 4 to 3 Sox lead

*Bottom of 8th – Thanks to an error by Alexei Ramirez, Tampa is able to steal the win 5 to 4.

Houston Games 2 and 3

Cincinnati+Reds+v+Chicago+White+Sox+BHb7jhRa3OvlGame 2. Sox – 4 and Astros – 2

Things were all quiet til the home half of the 6th inning when, Jose Abreu smacks a home run to right center with Avi Garcia on base for a 2 to 0 lead.

The bottom of the 8th, the Sox added 2 more runs when, Melky Cabrera doubled to left field, bringing Avi Garcia and Abreu home for a 4 to 2 Sox lead.

The top of the 9th saw Houston score 2 to cut the Sox lead to 4 to 2 but they were not able to pull out a win.

Game 3. Sox – 5 and Astros – 1

Top of the 2nd – Astros open the scoring 1 to 0 (Sox with an error)

Bottom of 6th – Adam LaRoche tied the score a 1 all with a homer to right

Bottom of 7th inning – Giovanna Soto belted a home run to left to give the Sox the lead at 2 to 1

Bottom of 8th – with Carlos Sanchez on base, Abreu homered to right to take the Sox lead to 4 to 1. With LaRoche and Soto already on the pond, Conor Gillaspie singled to right getting LaRoche home for a 5 to 1 Sox lead.

It is a day off tomorrow and then it is time to pack the travel bag for a road trip with the first stop in Tampa Bay for a 3 game series at Tropicana Field. then off to Pittsburgh for a four game series.




Opening Series with Houston

Chris Sale is in the mound office today.

The line up has had a shake up and I think it is overdue

Spanky Eaton, Alexei Ramirez, Jose Abreu, Adam LaRoche, Avi Garcia, Melky Cabrera, Gordon Beckham, Tyler Flowers, Carlos Sanchez

*Bottom of 2nd – with LaRoche on base, Melky singles to center bringing Adam home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead

**Rain keeps stopping play

*Top of 4th – Astros tie the score at 1 all

*Bottom of 4th – with Jose on base Avi belts a homer to right to take back the lead 3 to 1.
It was a quiet and rain delayed but the Sox held on to win 3 to 1. Chris Sale with the win and David Robertson with the save.



1924784_10203754512445589_8169856087209915222_nI have seen more than my fair share of the negative crap of late.

Everyone wants Robin gone, OK I do see that but if Kenny and Jerry have faith in him what more can be done. I will be interested to see if they do renew his contract.

Today we had a lead and blew it. I cant even think of a more frustrating day. At least we scored and we had no errors, which I will take. Now, what happened to Jeff Samardzija I have not clue. He was the complete attitude with a heap of nasty added in. Right now I am glad that we only have him for a year, because of things just do not change in some way, it is time for him to move on.

Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and John Danks make a good core in the rotation. They all have their own strengths. David Robertson is amazing and I love how when his nasty is on that no one makes it to first base. We have him for 5 years and I know that he will be amazing to watch.

We have minor injuries at the moment, and as of today Dan Jennings is on the 15 day D.L with neck swelling. Nate Jones is continuing to throw and getting better. The hope is that he will be ready to return after the All Star Game, this year in Cincinnati. Which brings up Pete Rose and him taking part in the events leading up to the game. There is what I am going to call, rumors, talk, give it your own label but that it is time for Pete to be reinstated into baseball so he can make the Hall of Fame. Ok, I know there are going to be those who are screaming at me now that he got what he deserves and he has no right to make it to Cooperstown. Well, you want to make that comment, lets talk about Alex Rodriguez and the PEDS scandal, that is one person that I hope never makes it to the Hall of Fame. I do not care what records that he breaks, he has forever tarnished the game.

Enough about all of that, only time will tell what happens, I know that the boys are going to have good days and crappy ones but I will still be there following along.

Rick Hahn gave an interview that it is not time to give up on the boys, that we can still play a part and blow the division wide open.I am taking my cue from Rick, as hard as some days will be I am keeping the faith.

So, Here’s the Question — Are you a diehard no matter what fan or are you just along for the ride when the boys are winning?


Game 1 with the Kitty’s

First game at home and welcoming the Detroit Tigers

Jose Quintana was in the office today, joined by Zach Putnam, David Robertson and Jake Petricka

Playing offense today was: Adam”Spanky Eaton, Alexei Ramirez, Jose “Cannon” Abreu, Avi Garcia, Adam “the Beard” LaRoche, Melky Cabrera, Gordon “Bacon”Beckham, Tyler “T – Flow” Flowers, J.B Shuck, Giovanni Soto, Carlos Sanchez

*Bottom of 1st – With Alexei on base Cannon smacks a double to open the scoring 1 – 0

*Top of 4th – Detroit ties it up at 1 all

*Top of 7th – Kitty’s take the lead 3 to 1

*Bottom of the 7th – Avi hits a solo home run to right center closing the score 3 to 2 with the Kitties still leading

*Bottom of 9th – Adam”The Beard” LaRoche with a solos shot of his own to tie the score at 3 apiece.

*Bottom of 11th – Spanky on with a single, Alexei with a single moving Spanky to 3rd. Cannon is intentionally walked, moving Alexei to second loading the pond. Avi is hot by a pitch bring Spanky home for the winning run

*Final Score is Sox – 4 and Tigers – 3.

John Danks is in the office for Saturdays game, Sunday will see Jeff Samardzjia have the keys to the office,


Game 3 with the Rangers

10361518_3509412416527_814849475004887912_nCarlos Rodon is in the office for the final game in the series. Jake Petricka joins Carlos on the pitching staff for the game today. Jake passes the keys to Zach Duke. Daniel Webb and Dan Jennings both join the staff for the night

Lineup: Eaton(Spanky), Cabrera, Abreu, LaRoche, Garcia(Avi), Ramirez(Alexei), Beckham(Bacon), Flowers, Sanchez

*Bottom of 1st – Rangers open the scoring and lead 1 to 0.

*Top of 4th – Avi at 3rd and Alexei at first. Bacon kisses a sac fly to right bringing Avi home for a 1 all ball game.

*Top of 6th – The Beard is on with an infield single(listed an error)

*Top of 7th – The Beard on with a single to left

*Bottom of 7th – Jake Petricka is in the office,Zach Duke takes over in the office

*Top of 8th – The Beard is on with an infield single. another Texas error gets Avi on 1st, moving LaRoche to second.

*Bottom of 8th – Daniel Webb now in the office. Rangers have loaded the bases.

*Top of 9th – Spanky on with a single.

*Bottom of 11 – 22 total base runners left stranded, Texas has 4 errors in this game. Dan Jennings now in the office. With runners at first and second, Choo hits a single to left to score the winning run

*Final score is Texas 2 and Sox 1

Pack your travel bag as we head for home and welcome the Detroit Tigers.