Game 3 with the Brewers

Chicago-White-Sox-Alt-Unis-2014It is one game apiece in this 3 game series, with Jose Quintana in the mound office today. Also helping him today was Jake Petricka, David Robertson

Line Up: Eaton(Spanky),Bonifacio(Emilio), Cabrera(Melky), Garcia(Avi), LaRoche, Ramirez(Missile), Beckham(Bacon), Flowers(T-Flow), Quintana

Uniform: Gray Uniform

*Top of 1st – Spanky walked,Melky’s Sac Fly gets Spanky home for a 1 – 0 lead.Avi with a solo shot makes it a 2 – 0 Sox lead. Laroche solo shot makes it a 3 – 0

*Top of 3rd – Melky on with a single,

*Top of 4th – Missile on with a single,

*Top of 5th – T-Flow with a single

*Top of 6th – Avi with a broken bat single,

*Top of 7th – Bacon with a double to open the inning, Spanky to first with a walk, Emilio with a single, brings Bacon home for a 4 – 0 lead, Melky with a walk loads the pond. Avi struck out to close the inning

*Bottom  of 8th – Brewers on the Board, Sox still lead 4 – 1. Jake Petricka on the office.

*Top of 9th – Spanky on with a single

*Bottom of the 9th – Brewers with a solo home run to take the score to 4 to 2 still in the Sox favor.

Final – The Sox win the game 4 to 2 and take the series 2 games to 1.

Pack your travel bag as we head for home and a much-needed day off. Then it is off to Oakland for a 3 game series with Carlos Rodon opening on Friday, John Danks on Saturday and Jeff Samardzjia





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