Welcome Back Chris

891White Sox Indians BaseballIt is Game 2 with the Brewers and Chris Sale is back in the office after serving his 5 day suspension. Helping Chris out in the office today was

Lineup: Eaton(Spanky), Cabrera, Abreu(Cannon), Garcia(Avi), Gillaspie(Conor), Ramirez(Missile), Flowers, Johnson, Sale, Bonifico

Uniform: Gray pants with black jerseys

*Bottom of 1st – after a triple, an out at first opens the scoring 1 – 0. An error by Conor and the runner is safe at first. Stolen base and error has the runner safe at second.

*Top of 4th – with a single and an error Cannon on at second. Avi with a single moves Cannon to 3rd.

*Top of the 5th – Missile with a double. A double by T-Flow and this game is tied at 1. Micah with a single and they wave T-Flow home for a 2 – 1 Sox lead. Micah safe at second on a steal.

*Bottom of the 5th – Tie score with a home run. Sox – 2 and Brewers – 2

*Top of the 7th – T-Flow on with a single, Micah on with a walk, Chris safe at first getting T-Flow at 3rd.

*Top of 8th – Cannon with a walk,Avi on first with a single, a wild pitch moves the boys to 2nd and 3rd(Cannon 90 feet from home)Conor at first with a walk,a Sac Fly from Missile gets Cannon home for a 3 to 2 Sox lead.

*Bottom of the 8th – Chris issues his first walk of the night

*Top of the 9th – an Error by the Catcher (E2) Micah is on first, Bonifico safe with a bunt but they got Micah at third. Spanky with a single to left, Cannon belts a single and brings home Bonifico home for a 4 to 2 lead.

*Bottom of the ninth – Bonifico in at second and David Robertson in the office.

Final Score — Sox 4 and the Brewers 2

Jose “The Q” Quintana in the office for the final game of the series

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