In Milwaukee

10361518_3509412416527_814849475004887912_nThe first of a 3 game series with the Milwaukee Brewers and Jeff Samardzija is back in the mound off today after surviving his 5 game suspension. In the office with him today was Zach Putnam, Hector Noesi in for one pitch and gets the out.

Line Up: Eaton(Spanky), Cabrera(Melky), Abreu(Cannon), Garcia, Gillaspie(Conor), Ramirez(Missile), Soto, Johnson,(Jeff)Samardzija

Uniform today is the gray away

*Top of the 1st – Eaton was safe at first on a throwing error and Cabrera taps into a double play.

*Bottom of 1st – Brewers open the scoring 1 – 0, a home run gives the Brewers a 3 – 0 lead.

*Bottom of 2nd – a double takes the score to 4 to 0 in the Brewers favor. A blooper takes the score to 5 – 0

*Top of the 4th – Spanky on with a single, Abreu on with a single.

*Bottom of 4th – back to back doubles make it s 6 to 0 Brewers lead

*Top of the 5th – Conor on with a single up the middle, Soto with his first HOME RUN of the season, the Sox cut the lead to 6 – 2. Jeff with a single to center. Spanky with a double, Jeff held at 3rd, Melky walks to load the pond. Abreu hits into a force at 2nd to close the inning

*Bottom of the 5th – a triple and E-9 make it a 7 – 2 Brewers lead

*Top of 7th – Soto with a single to center, Beckham pitch batting for Jeff, and an error we now have runners at the corners. Spanky’s single brings Soto home and its a 7 – 3 Brewers lead. Wild pitch moves Spanky to second. Abreu’s single gets a pair home and the Sox trail by 2 , 7 to 5.

*Bottom of the 7th – Gordon Beckham now at second and Zach Putnam in the office

*Top of the 8th – Conor open’s with a double. Ramirez with a single and they hold Conor at 3rd. Adam LaRoche to the plate and his single brings Conor home for a 7 to 6 Brewers lead, Spank’s single brings Missile home and ties the score at 7 all.

*Bottom of the 8th – A 2 run homer takes the lead 9 to 7. Another homer take it to 10 to 7. Hector Noesi now in the office

*Top of the 9th – Cannon on with a single, Avi hits into a Rack Em up (double play)

Final Score Brewers – 10 and Sox – 7

Chris Sale returns tomorrow night to the mound office.




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