Anyone here for a Sale

84e63ea018d99bfd43d96f1e2736e3b6Game 2 with Chris Sale in the office tonight, also helping Chris out today was Jake Petricka, Zach Putnam

Uniform: throwback to the 80’s. Winning Ugly

Lineup: (Spanky)Eaton Cabrera(Melky),(Cannon)Abreu, LaRoche(The Beard),Garcia(Avi),Gillaspie(Conor) ,Ramirez(Missile), Flowers(T-Flow), (Micah) Johnson, Gordon(Bacon) Beckham

Weather 61 degrees at game time

*Top of the 1st – Kitty’s runner triples and scores on a Sac fly. 1 – 0

*Bottom of the first – Melky with a walk,The Beard walked moving Melky to second

*Bottom of the 2nd – Conor with a HOME RUN. tie ball game, Johnson with a double

*Top of the 3rd – 2 run homer and the Kitty’s take the lead 3 – 1

*Bottom of the 3rd – Cannon on with a single up the middle, Avi with a walk, Conor with a walk loads the pond. Wild pitch brings Cannon home and its a 3 -2 ball game.

*Bottom of 4th – Johnson on with a single up the middle, On a steal attempt, Spanky smacks a single to right and Johnson is held at 3rd. Melky’s Sac Fly gets Johnson home for a tie score

*Top of 5th – With Sale struggling, a blooper to right, the Kitty’s take the lead back 4 – 3.

*Top of 6th – Chris Sale is off to the showers after loading the pond and Jake Petricka got the office keys from Robin. Lead off walk scores and its a 5 – 3 Kitty’s lead.

*Bottom of 6th – Missile with a single and stolen base.

*Bottom of 7th – The Beard with a single,

*Top of 8th – Kitty’s batter hit by Zach Putnam. Single takes the Kitty’s lead to 6 to 3

*Bottom of 8th – Micah on 1st, Spanky with a single (starting to make consistent contact with the bat) Melky belts a HOME RUN and ties the score at 6 all. Cannon with a single and The Beard to the plate and smacks a single moving Cannon to 3rd, Avi with a single brining Cannon home for a 7 to 6 lead. Bacon at the plate and flies out to close the inning

*Top of 9th – David Robertson in the office to close this out. With an unbelievable play from Avi to Missile to Cannon they got the runner at first.

Final Score Sox – 7 and Kitty’s 6.




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