Back to work

The start of our series with the Kitty’s at The Cell

Jeff Samardzjia is in the office tonight. Also on the pitching staff tonight was Zach Duke and David Robertson

Lineup: Eaton(Spanky)Cabrera(Melky), Abreu(Cannon), LaRoche(The Beard), Garcia(Avi), Gillaspie, Ramirez,Soto, Johnson

Uniform:80’s throw back

*Top of the 1st – Detroit on the board for a 1 – 0 lead

*Bottom of the 1st – Cannon’s single to center brought Spanky home to tie the score at 1 all

*Top of 2nd – a Kitties home run, and the lead 2 – 1

*Bottom of the 3rd – loaded pond, The Beard walked, Johnson scored, Melky to 3rd and Cannon to second (Sox two and Kitty’s 2), Avi grounded into a fielders choice to 3rd, Melky was able to get home and Cannon stopped at 3rd, Gillaspie triple to deep right brought Cannon and Avi home. At the close of the inning the Sox have the lead 5 – 2

Zach Duke and David Robertson took over in the office for Jeff and held the Tigers scoreless, closing out the game

Dan Hayes report that Jeff will serve his suspension from the Royals mess starting tomorrow.

Chris Sale is listed in the office for tomorrow





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