Dear Rick

I am writing to you on behalf of my Sorority Sisters

To say that we are disappointed after today’s game would be an understatement now. There are some serious issues that need to be addressed and now if we are to have any sort of chance to play ball in the post season.

This is a team that we believe in, we have Faith in. We all know now that after today’s game there is a lot of negative going on. The following is our views on certain issues.

A) Carlos Rodon – he has to go back to Charlotte. I know he needs to learn but the time that he is being put into a game are really making us question. He needs someone to look after him better and be a mentor to him.

B) John Danks – The girls know that I am a big fan of his but, John has never been the same his shoulder surgery. John needs to work on his control and get that issue solved.

C) The Suspension – please do something with those and get them over with.

D) Hector Noesi – Send him back to Charlotte til his control issues are solved.

E) Captain – I know that there no one really now but something needs done to get this team’s spirits lifted.

F) Robin – I really think its time for him to go. Some of this decisions of late are making us wonder if he really wants to be there and if he really does have the club’s best interest at heart. We need someone who, knows the boys and will do all he can to be inspiring but also give the tough love as it is needed.

I know losing Minnie was hard but you also have some great ambassadors for the club there that would be wonderful and I am sure more than willing to come and help the boys.

We love the boys and we have faith in them BUT we also have faith in you to make the right decisions so we can get back where we want to be,

Playing ball in October.

Thank You

The Ladies of the Chisox Sorority



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