Dear Adam “Spanky” Eaton

Dear Spanky

I am writing on behalf of my Sisters of the Chicago Sox Sorority.(ChiSox Sorority)

We are a group of ladies who meet on Face book to cheer you and the boys on. Some of my sisters are season ticket holders and the girls attend as many games as they possibly can.

We know that you have been extra hard on yourself of late, not being able to get things going at the leadoff spot. Please, for starters just breath. Our hearts break for you as we see you struggle and all.

We love you and miss your energy and that spark that you carry when you play.

We know that you were not well today, we hope that it was just a touch of the flu and not worry and extra pressure that you have put on yourself. We see you shaved the beard off and you look like a completely different person.

Look after yourself, breath and clear your head. Things will come together, we know it.

We love you lots, take care of yourself. Have some fun when you play.


Cricket Fox and the Ladies of the Chisox Sorority


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