3 Game Series with the Kittys

*Game one

Kitty’s 2 and the Sox 1

Lineup: Eaton, Cabrera, Abreu, Garcia, LaRoche, Ramirez, Beckham, Soto, Bonifacio. Pitching Staff: Samardzija, Zach Duke.

*Top of the 2nd – Garcia with a home run to right center. Sox – 1 and Kitty’s – 0

*Bottom of the 4th – Kitty’s tie it up with a home run to left.

*Bottom of the 9th – Kitty’s batter to second on a double, runner moved over on a bunt with the out at first, Single to right scores the run giving the Kitty’s the win 2 to 1.

**Game 2

Sox – 12 and Kitties – 3

The highlights of Chris Sales win came in the 3rd inning with a home run by Adam LaRoche, with Melky Cabrera and Jose Abreu on base. Score at the close of the inning was Kitty’s 1 and Sox – 4.

The 4th inning would see a 7 run blast by the Sox including Jose Abreu’s first Grand Slam of the year with Tyler Flowers, Micah Johnson and Melky Cabrera on board. The Sox extended their lead to 11 to 2.

The final Sox run came in the 5th with an Adam LaRoche double scoring Micah Johnson. The final run that Detroit was able to add came in the bottom of the 8th inning.

*Game 3

Kitties – 9 and Sox – 1

The only highlight of Jose Quintana being handed his arse on a silver platter by the cat’s hitting was  a Jose Abreu triple scoring Melky Cabrera.

Pack your travel bag, we are going home to welcome the Indians


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