Sox Thoughts

Today was supposed to be a happy day for the Sox and the rest of baseball. April 15 everyone wears number 15 to honor Jackie Robinson and what he did for baseball.

What I woke up to was fair weather fans complaining about bad calls and a pitcher having a crappy day, on top of today being his birthday.

OK, first things first. I know we are having some struggles settling in and all. This is nothing new, especially when almost the whole team is new. Even I will agree there have been some stupid calls getting started. I have seen more NEGATIVE than positive supporting the boys.

I am really tired of all the negative crap about John Danks. Let’s remember one thing here, John is coming off a complete shoulder reconstruction. He is not going to bounce back right away like everyone thinks he should. I have faith in John that he will find his way. I have always been a pitchers girl and will continue to support John and the rest of the staff

David Robertson who is our closer has a foundation called “High Socks for Hope” is lending a hand to the victims of the recent tornadoes in Illinois.

For more information or to make a donation go to:

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