Game 1 of 3 at Kansas City

*The blog this year is dedicated to Papa, we miss you being with us, especially today,and to my sisters of the Chi Sox Sorority. Love you guys.

Welcome to Kauffman Stadium for Game one with the Royals.

Weather:Looks over cast

Uniform: Gray away

Batting Order: Eaton Cabrera, Abreu, LaRoche (DH), Garcia, Gillaspie, Ramirez, Flowers, Johnson, Saramdzjia. Available players: Left – Shuck, Right – Soto,Beckham, Switch – Sanchez,Bonifacio

Top of 2nd Inning – Avi Garcia was hit by a pitch and advanced to 3rd on a double by Conor Gillaspie.

Bottom of 2nd inning – K.C scores on a single to the right field corner. Royals take the lead 1 – 0

Top of 3rd –  Micah Johnson makes his Sox’s Debut.

Bottom of 3rd – duck snort scores the runner and takes the score 2 – 0. Wild pitch scores runner from 3rd. Score – K.C 3 and Sox – 0

Top of 5th – Gillaspie walks.

Bottom of 5th – K.C home run takes the score to 4 – 0 in favor of the Royals

Top of the 6th – Johnson with his first career hit, single to right.

Top of the 7th – Abreu with his first home run of the season. Sox 1 and Royals 4.Pitching change for K.C.

Bottom of 7th – Saramdzjia is done at a 92 pitch count. Dan Jennings makes his first appearance for the season. (Jeff is not happy with his performance today) . With bases loaded, a mistake by the offense cost 2 runs, taking the score to K.C – 6 and the Sox – 1. Jennings just gave up a home run with 2 on base taking their lead to 9 to 1.

Top of 8th – J.B Shuck in at bat.

Bottom of 8th – Soto now in for the Sox behind the plate. A broke bat single adds another run. K.C – 10 and Sox – 1.

Final score Royals – 10 and Sox – 1

Day off tomorrow, Wednesday will see, Jose Quintana in the office for the Sox.

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