Getting Excited

84e63ea018d99bfd43d96f1e2736e3b6In two days the wait is finally over. It is time for the Ranch to wake up and for spring training to begin. Usually the boys do not have to arrive til right before the call date, this year it is the 20th of February but word coming through is that a lot of the boys have arrived early.

Many of then departed after Soxfest to make their way out west. stopping along the way to take care of those last-minute details before returning to work. Jose Abreu we think was the first to arrived on the 4th of February. What does that say?

For those of the sorority that were able to attend Soxfest said that there was a really great vibe in the room, there was something different this year. The chemistry was different and everyone was excited. I did see a tweet today that said that on the 40 roster, 20 of them were new players.

Pitchers and Catchers officially report on the 20th of February with the full team to be activated on the 24th of February. Wednesday March 4th is the first spring game against the Dodgers.

Will be interesting to watch and see how everyone settles in and new friendships are formed. That connection between pitcher and catcher, the infield working on timing to turn those double plays.

Fingers crossed that everyone is healthy and we can make it with out major injuries, and if that can happen. Things fall into place, you had better look out because this title is up for grabs.

Go ahead, you want to count us out, fine, do it but I can promise you, we are coming for what we is ours.

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