7 days and Counting

Some of the articles that have come out of late are interesting. That the Sox will only finish four games better this year then last year. That really is annoying with all the great moves over the winter that Rick, Robin and the team made.

The biggest problem from last year was the bullpen. When Nate and Matt Lindstrom both got hurt it threw everything into disarray. There were so many games that we had won but in the end it was the bullpen that blew the game. In the same token, I do have to also give the defense some of the blame for not backing up and protecting the lead.

Here we are now, with Jeff Samardzija, David Robertson and Dan Jennings along with a strong staff this year, I cant wait. I am a pitchers girl and can’t wait to see how good the combinations are.

With Jose Abreu coming off a stunning rookie year, I have a feeling that it will just continue, and having Adam La Roche to help at first base, Jose can have a bit of a rest on occasion to be fresh for the end of season run.  Melky Cabrera joining Avisail Garcia and Adam Eaton in the outfield, we have gone from strength to strength.

Gordon Beckham has returned which we are thrilled about, Dayan Viciedo was put on wavers but he was not picked up by anyone and has been let go. I really do hope that he can find a new home. He is a good ball player but he needs a little help finding that spark that he needs to be totally amazing

Thanks Rick,

The baseball gods and Jerry’s wallet have been amazing and I cant wait to see where we go. Everyone who thinks we wont be in there come October had better watch out, this year its anyone’s division, and we are coming to claim it.


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