Sox Fest 2015

IMG_657629113138827The girls and I gathered to watch the opening ceremonies of the Sox Fest taking place this weekend in Chicago.

The opening video gave us all chills and a few comments that the tears has started (me included).

Getting to see the boys past and present was really great, with this being the 10 year anniversary for the winning of the 2005 World Series. Scotty Pods is a hottie

When Rick Hahn was introduced he got a nice cheer, I even let out a nice job mate

Adam “Sparky” Eaton is a power house packed in a small package. Now if he can only stop running into walls.

The girls who were able to attend, posted pictures about the seminars that they attended, and how the vibe was in the room. Everyone is fitting well together and there was a new excitement.

One my Sorority sisters got the best gift, she got to say “Thank You” to Scott Podsednik for his walk off home run. It was the last game that she attended with her Dad before he passed away. Scotty hopped off the stage and gave her a kiss and a cuddle and whispered “Your Welcome” in her ear.

I can’t wait for the season to start. This is the first year since I have been following the boys that everyone I talk to or heard so much excitement from the coaching staff with this new group. If they are excited then we need to take our cue from them.

This morning we got an interesting piece of news, Gordon Beckham who had been traded to the Angles, as of today is now back in black. It is only a years contract but he is back home and Dayan Viciedo has been designated for assignment.

20 days and counting til the boys reports for spring training…….How excited are you?


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