So. How was your weekend?

10494799_908819615803866_1972854698293534097_nThat is how Rick Hahn greeted the media today when making the formal introductions of Jeff Samardzija, David Robertson, and Melky Caberea.

It has been interesting to sit back and watch Winter Meetings play out and all, to see what happens. When the news came that Jeff was heading to the Sox, well at first to be honest I was not happy. To me, it felt like he had such as snobbish attitude but he is a damn good pitcher and I have to give him that tick. I heard some of his back ground and I started listening, Jeff grew up a fan of the White Sox, and always went to games as a kid.

As a lot of you know I have a thing for pitchers, well, David Robertson has gotten my attention. He comes to the White Sox from the New York Yankees. My understanding is that he was the set up man for Mariano Rivera. I cant wait to see his stuff and how he handles The Cell.

If your into pitchers, then keep an eye on Dan Jennings who comes to The Cell from the Florida Marlins. The giggle is that the general manager of the Marlins is also named Dan Jennings. The tag line for the announcement read –  Dan Jennings trades Dan Jennings. It made me look.

Melky Caberea – not one of us saw that coming. I know he comes with history and all but he is good at what he does. It will give Jose another bat to help drive those runs in. Setting up the right batting order will be interesting.

I actually have confidence in this bull pen and with Nate coming back soon, its going to take him a bit to settle in.

I am actually excited for this season and what is ahead.

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