October 2014

Off Season News

wallpaper_20100630123341_16490913112Rumor from the Toronto Blue Jays is that former Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle, is on the market. He has one year left on his contract and that cost is reported to be $19 million. The Minnesota Twins have expressed interested. Watch this space. (RICK HAHN – Do the right thing and bring Mark back to Chicago where we belongs, we need his experience and stability)

Paul Konerko has won the 2014 Roberto Clemente award along with Jimmy Rollins of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Moises Sierra has been claimed off wavers by Kansas City, Michael Taylor has been sent back to Charlotte. The 40 man roster now stands at 37.

Alexei Ramirez and Adam Eaton are both in the finals for Golden Glove awards at their respective positions.

Jose Abreu has been named the 2014 Sporting News Rookie of the year.


Life without our Boys

10704153_10153277372713298_1550488789321846210_nI have had a hard time adjusting to life with our boys this year. I think because I was home this year and got to see things. We did finish better this year then last, and I was quiet impressed with a few of the boys and do hope for their return, if it’s in Charlotte or Chicago.

Paul Konerko – what do you say about a gentlemen of the game. I didn’t realize how much of a fan I was until the #thanksPK came out and all. It reminded me that the good guys are still playing the game, giving it the honor and respect it deserves. It was so special to be with my Sisters  online watching his last game. We will gather again the day his number is retired.

Alejandro De Aza, Gordon Beckham, Hector Santiago, Jake Peavy all have been active in post season play. Jake and De Aza are the only ones still in the mix as of the writing of this entry. Gordon and Hector both tweeted yesterday, thanks to all the fans for their support during the season. Jake and the Giants will go to game four on Tuesday October 7, in San Francisco. Jake will pitch in-game 5 if needed.

De Aza and his boys take on Kansas City starting on Friday October 10 in Baltimore. Even though I would like to see De Aza do well, I am staying loyal to the division and going for Kansas City.

On the home front, management has already started to clean house in some ways. I am actually happy to see that a couple of people will not return. The bull pen was a complete disaster. In my opinion here, losing both Matt Lindstrom and Nate Jones to injury really hurt us. I don’t think we ever found that stability once that happened. No one had any really experience at closing and had to learn, fast. Many times we had a great lead and the bull pen just could not protect it.

With Paul Konerko’s retirement means we need to fill first base/DH. I would love to see someone who can bat opposite of Jose Abreu. Speaking of Abreu, all I can say is WOW, He is a complete surprise and what a wonderful addition to the Sox Family. There are great things on the way for him, I can feel it

With the departure of Gordon Beckham at second, I think we can fill his position from within. We have the likes of Leury Garcia, Marcus Semien and Carlos Sanchez who can all do the job and do it well.

I have four words for you about shortstop and third base – Alexei Ramirez and Conor Gillaspie. Nuff said

The outfield could go with any number of combinations – Adam Eaton, I think is the anchor in center field, as long as he can STOP running in to the walls out there. Avisail Garcia, who we thought we had lost for the season returned after major surgery. The girls and are are so excited to see him again and when he hit his first home run post season, we knew he was back. Makes me wonder though, if he had NOT gotten hurt, how different would the season of been?

Behind the plate, Tyler, Joshy and Adrian are all out of contract. Tyler really came good there once he got glasses and could see the ball. (im being cheeky there). I did hear him say that he has had to learn Spanish with a few of the pitchers not speaking English well, that would be a challenge in itself. I hope they are all back next year.

On the mound, well – Chris Sale is OFF the table, Jose Quintana has gained confidence and it was really sad that the offense could not support him better. Hector Noesi was a real surprise and wound up having a great season. He is out of contract, but I hope that they pick him up. Everyone is complaining that John Danks is not worth it but he is, 2 years off shoulder surgery, his constancy is getting better with each outing. We also need his experience with the younger ones. With Jake Peavy gone, that falls to John and Chris and Jose to help out.

As I have mentioned earlier, this is just my thoughts to the season’s end and all.

THANK YOU for taking the time to visit my blog during the season. I hope that in some way I have been able to help you keep up with the White Sox

I will be back from time to time over the off-season and all with news and other updates.

See you in April 2015 for the first pitch and the return of “A Year with the Chicago White Sox’


Thank You Paulie

Hope you enjoy