Time to Close 2014

10255264_932658323434036_5769629497312372459_oIts day one of life with out baseball, well for now.

So many highs and low this season, its hard to know where to start. OK, lets look at this years final record compared to last year. It 2013 we finished with a record of 63 wins, 99 loses and 30 games out, sitting in last place in the division. Leap ahead a year to 2014 and we finished with 73 wins, 89 loses and finished 4th in the division 17 games out. We are headed in the right direction, even though some fans think things are still crap.

Trades this year took us by surprise, we said good-bye to Gordon Beckham, Adam Dunn, Alejandro De Aza. I know there were other from Charlotte that have moved on, and we wish you well.

As much as I want to discuss the bullpen, we all know that some of the loses can be put to the pen blowing the lead.

It has been a great year, we are still rebuilding. Off season will be interesting to see what happens. We still have some positions that need filled and all, we have some good players waiting in Charlotte and I have a feeling we will see a few of them in 2015.


Thank you to everyone out there who took the time to stop by and read and leave comments. I love what I do. What started as a challenge is now a full on passion. I will be taking some well deserved time off.

I will be doing some work covering the play offs and World Series. There are a few former Sox players  I will be tracking.

Thanks again


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With a decent bullpen, this team could have been .500

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