Dear Paulie

IMG_657629113138827My name is Cricket and I am writing to you on behalf of my Sorority Sisters, we are the Chicago White Sox Sorority, our hash tag is #chisoxsorority

Through a series of events, on Facebook we joined forces to cheer on our boys of summer. Our Baseball husbands as we call you. We are family, and we are there for each other through the trades, injuries and pure silliness.  As the weekend draws to a close, we have been there for each other as it is time to say good-bye to our Boys of Summer, some of who will return and to share our memories of you and what you have come to mean to us.

First of all we would like to thank Jennifer, Nicholas, Owen and Amelia for sharing you with all of us. We know that you have missed a lot being on the road and all. It’s time for you to go and just be Dad and enjoy all the things with the kids, don’t forget to have a date night with Jennifer.

My Sisters are heartbroken and feeling lost today, they have spent many hours at the park and watching television, following your career. You have all taught us what dedication and loyalty is all about, you have taught us to pay it forward whenever possible.

We have laughed and cried with you, held our breath as you were injured. We could not wait to see the line up card each day, to see if you would be playing.When you would come to the plate, it was written “Now batting #14 Captain Paul Konerko”

It is going to take us awhile to adjust to life with out but we will get there, those first few games with out you will be hard, don’t worry about Jose we will look after him for you. We know that you will return for visits and when your number is retired next year the girls will be there to celebrate with you.

As I close this I am typing through tears, Thank you Paul for all that you given to Chicago, to the White Sox and to us who yesterday you called friends.

Get some rest and we will see you soon


The Ladies of the Chicago White Sox Sorority



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