It’s almost over for 2014

IMG_54102817776935When I got up today and check on the game, it all hit me……this season is almost over.

It just seems like a few days ago my Sisters and I began gathering to chat about road trips and baseball husbands. Waiting to see how the new kids on the block would settle in and all. Even learning a little Spanish and Italian and some Portuguese.

When Avisail Garcia was hurt in early April, We were afraid that it would be terrible news and that we had lost him for the season. Thanks to a great medical staff, he came back stronger than ever and it was great to see him hit his first home run post surgery.

We all worried when Aj was cut from Boston and Jake was traded out but are happy they are both doing well and looking like they will be in the post season activities. The pitching has driven us to drink at times, especially the bullpen. We have our own nicknames, for a few of them and if we ran the team, well….

They final days will be difficult for all as we deal with Paul Konerko’s retiring. It will be hard to see him depart the game but he is doing it on his terms. I am sad for all of us but happy for his family. He can finally do all the “Dad Stuff ” that he has been missing out on.

I love my Sisters, grab the tissues we are going to need them.


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