September 2014

Time to Close 2014

10255264_932658323434036_5769629497312372459_oIts day one of life with out baseball, well for now.

So many highs and low this season, its hard to know where to start. OK, lets look at this years final record compared to last year. It 2013 we finished with a record of 63 wins, 99 loses and 30 games out, sitting in last place in the division. Leap ahead a year to 2014 and we finished with 73 wins, 89 loses and finished 4th in the division 17 games out. We are headed in the right direction, even though some fans think things are still crap.

Trades this year took us by surprise, we said good-bye to Gordon Beckham, Adam Dunn, Alejandro De Aza. I know there were other from Charlotte that have moved on, and we wish you well.

As much as I want to discuss the bullpen, we all know that some of the loses can be put to the pen blowing the lead.

It has been a great year, we are still rebuilding. Off season will be interesting to see what happens. We still have some positions that need filled and all, we have some good players waiting in Charlotte and I have a feeling we will see a few of them in 2015.


Thank you to everyone out there who took the time to stop by and read and leave comments. I love what I do. What started as a challenge is now a full on passion. I will be taking some well deserved time off.

I will be doing some work covering the play offs and World Series. There are a few former Sox players  I will be tracking.

Thanks again


Dear Paulie

IMG_657629113138827My name is Cricket and I am writing to you on behalf of my Sorority Sisters, we are the Chicago White Sox Sorority, our hash tag is #chisoxsorority

Through a series of events, on Facebook we joined forces to cheer on our boys of summer. Our Baseball husbands as we call you. We are family, and we are there for each other through the trades, injuries and pure silliness.  As the weekend draws to a close, we have been there for each other as it is time to say good-bye to our Boys of Summer, some of who will return and to share our memories of you and what you have come to mean to us.

First of all we would like to thank Jennifer, Nicholas, Owen and Amelia for sharing you with all of us. We know that you have missed a lot being on the road and all. It’s time for you to go and just be Dad and enjoy all the things with the kids, don’t forget to have a date night with Jennifer.

My Sisters are heartbroken and feeling lost today, they have spent many hours at the park and watching television, following your career. You have all taught us what dedication and loyalty is all about, you have taught us to pay it forward whenever possible.

We have laughed and cried with you, held our breath as you were injured. We could not wait to see the line up card each day, to see if you would be playing.When you would come to the plate, it was written “Now batting #14 Captain Paul Konerko”

It is going to take us awhile to adjust to life with out but we will get there, those first few games with out you will be hard, don’t worry about Jose we will look after him for you. We know that you will return for visits and when your number is retired next year the girls will be there to celebrate with you.

As I close this I am typing through tears, Thank you Paul for all that you given to Chicago, to the White Sox and to us who yesterday you called friends.

Get some rest and we will see you soon


The Ladies of the Chicago White Sox Sorority



It’s almost over for 2014

IMG_54102817776935When I got up today and check on the game, it all hit me……this season is almost over.

It just seems like a few days ago my Sisters and I began gathering to chat about road trips and baseball husbands. Waiting to see how the new kids on the block would settle in and all. Even learning a little Spanish and Italian and some Portuguese.

When Avisail Garcia was hurt in early April, We were afraid that it would be terrible news and that we had lost him for the season. Thanks to a great medical staff, he came back stronger than ever and it was great to see him hit his first home run post surgery.

We all worried when Aj was cut from Boston and Jake was traded out but are happy they are both doing well and looking like they will be in the post season activities. The pitching has driven us to drink at times, especially the bullpen. We have our own nicknames, for a few of them and if we ran the team, well….

They final days will be difficult for all as we deal with Paul Konerko’s retiring. It will be hard to see him depart the game but he is doing it on his terms. I am sad for all of us but happy for his family. He can finally do all the “Dad Stuff ” that he has been missing out on.

I love my Sisters, grab the tissues we are going to need them.


Game One with the Tigers

The final road trip of the season to Detroit for the first of a 3 game series with the Tigers.

Paul Konerko returned to the line up after breaking his hand. New kid Chris Bassitt would get the office keys from Coach Cooper. Bassitt would pitch a very solid 7.2 innings with 3 strike outs and 1 walk allowed. Jake Petricka would get the office keys to lock up a 2 – 0 shut out.

The line up would include: Birthday Boy, Alexei Ramirez, Marcus Semien, Jose Abreu, Avisail Garcia, Dayan Viciedo, Jordan Danks, Paul Konerko, Carlos Sanchez , Tyler Flowers, Moises Sierra.

69593_10152343179216162_1889216170_nIt would start being a pitcher duel but finish a duel and a defensive battle. The only scoring would come in the top of the Second when, Sanchez would explode a ground ruled double to deep left, Flowers would step to the plate and belt the only home run of the game to left, giving the Sox the lead 2 – 0.

The Bottom of the 8th inning would see Petricka come on in relief of Bassitt and close out the game.

The Sox find themselves 14 games out of first. A year ago at this same time they were 29.5 games out.

Game 2 will see Scott Carroll with the mound keys taking on David Price

Game 3 will put Chris Sale against Justin Verlander.

Taking Two from Minnesota

69593_10152343179216162_1889216170_nThey Sox took the first two games of a three game series in Minnesota over the weekend. Minnesota took Sundays games by a score of 6 to 4.  Both games had lots of excitement and some suburb pitching.

*Game One (Sox – 5 and Twins – 1)

Jose Quintana was in the office for the start, and we are not sure what just fell into place.In 7 innings,  Q stuck out a record high 13 batters.  Zach Putnam and Javy Guerra came on in support to hold Minnesota to just one run, which came in the 8th inning.

*Bottom of the Third – it was all quiet until, Sanchez got on base by way of an error by Mauer, Ramirez stepped to the plate to drive a home run to left for a 2 – 0 Sox lead.

*Bottom of the Seventh – Jordan Danks started things with a double to left, Wilkins single to center got Danks home and Wilkins was safe at second on a throwing error. *Score at the close, Sox – 3 and Twins – 0

*Top of the Eighth – Minnesota got their only run when, Suzuki walked to open the inning, Parmelee who hit for Hicks, got a double to center getting Suzuki home. *Score at the close of the inning Twins – 1 and Sox – 3.

Bottom of the Eighth inning would see the final two Sox cross the plate when, Ramirez opened with a double to left, Abreu was hit by a pitch, Semien hits for Gillaspie and blast a double to center scoring Ramirez and moving Abreu to third. A.Garcia was intentionally walked, Dayan Viciedo bats for Jordan Danks, who struck out. With Abreu on third, Semien on Second and Garcia on third, Tyler Flowers was hit by a pitch, scoring Abreu from third. *Close of the inning the score, Twins – 1 and the Sox – 5.

Javy Guerra would come on in the ninth to close the inning and save the game.

*Game Two – Sox – 7 and Twinkies – 6

Scott Carroll would start in the office today, with help from, Daniel Webb, Eric Surkamp and Jake Petricka would take the closing roll.

*Top of the first – Minnesota would open the scoring with, Mauer walked, B Dozier to second(hit by pitch), Plouffe singled to right, Dozier crossed home, J Mauer moved to third. Arcia homered, with Mauer and Plouffe on the pond. *Score at the close of the inning – Twins – 4 and the Sox – 0

*Bottom of the First – Semien got a life from a dropped ball in foul terrority, belted a double to left, Abreu reached on a walk, Avisail Garcia stepped to the plate and belted his first home run since his injury, with Semien and Abreu on board it made it a 3 to 4 Twins lead.

*Bottom of the Fifth – things went quite until – Jose  Abreu belted a home run to right, RBI#100 tying up the score to 4 all.

*Top of the sixth – saw the Twins sneak in to the led with a home run by Plouffe to left field. *Score – Twins – 5 and Sox – 4

*Bottom of the Seventh – Abreu singled to left, Viciedo hit by a pitch, Gillaspie hit for Sierra, who singled to center getting Abreu home and tying up the score, 5 apiece.

*Top of the ninth – Arcia kissed a single to center, (Hicks came on to run),Suzuki doubled to left, with Hicks scoring, the Twins took the lead 6 – 5.

*Bottom of the ninth – Abreu walk, with Jordan Danks in to run. Avi Garcia hit into a fielders choice forcing Danks out at second. Viciedo stepped to the plate belting a walk off home run with Garcia on the pond to steal the win by a score of Sox – 7 and Twins – 6.

Series Win over the A’s.

1535704_854892154529946_7375578799400786845_nThe Sox went into today with a 2  to 1 lead in the series with Oakland. It was going to be a battle but the confidence was growing. Game two was taken by the A’s by a score of 11 – 2.

*Game Three (Sox – 2 and A’s – 1)

The Sox handed the keys to one of the new kids,Chris Bassitt who had a terrific outing going 6 innings of solid ball with 5 strike outs, only allowing one run. Eric Surkamp, Zach Putnam came on in support and Jake Petricka closed out the game.

*Top of the Fourth Inning – It was a pitchers battle until, Crisp singled to center, Fuld walked, Donaldson grounded into a double play which moved Crisp to third. Dunn’s single to left got C rips across the plate for a 1 – 0 Oakland Lead.

*Bottom of the Eighth – Sanchez reached on an infield single,L.Garcia came in to run for Sanchez. Eaton grounded into a fielders choice to first, Garcia was safe on a throwing error to second. Garcia and Eaton advanced on a wild pitch, Gillaspie loaded the bases with a free pass walk, Avisail Garcia would hit a single to center, getting both L. Garcia and Eaton home for a 2 – 0 Sox lead.

The Sox would hold off the A’s at the bottom of the ninth for the win.

*Game Four – ( Sox – 1 and A’s – 0)

Chris Sale would get the keys and pitch a stealth 8 innings of shut out baseball, striking out 9, and allowing just 2 walks. Jake Petricka would come in and close things out in the ninth

It would be a pitcher duel until the bottom of the sixth inning when Marcus Semien would step up to the plate for the only run of the game when he would explode with a solo home run to left for a 1 – 0 Sox lead.

Petricka would come on in the ninth to shut down the last effort of Oakland.

Pick up some extra milk because the Twinkies are coming for a 3 game series, then its pack the bags for a trip to league leading Kansas City Royals


Sox Game 1 – T.Flow to the rescue

10635818_853566994662462_1222472103611683754_nThe opening game in the series with the Oakland A’s would be anything but dull. Adam Dunn would make his first appearance since being traded to Oakland and was given a warm welcome.

The Sox would send Hector Noesi to the mound office, with the support of Eric Surkamp,Daniel Webb, Ronald Belisario and Javy Guerra.

Going in to battle in the field Robin Ventura sent, Adam Eaton, Alexei Ramirez, Jose Abreu, Conor Gillaspie, Avisail Garcia, Andy Wilkins, Michael Taylor, Dayan Viciedo, Tyler Flowers and Marcus Semien

*Bottom of the First Inning – Sonny Grey pitching for Oakland, Eaton and Ramirez both walked their way to the pond, Abreu flied out to right getting Eaton to third,Gillaspie was safe at first on error by first baseman Moss, Eaton scored,  and  Ramirez moved to  secondRamirez moved to third, Gillaspie to second on a wild pitch. A.Garcia kissed a sacrifice fly to right, getting Ramirez home. The Sox had the lead 2 – 0.

*Top of the Fifth inning – Noesi pitching for the Sox. Norris singled to reach the pond and scored on a home run by Reddick, Lowrie’s home run gave the A’s the lead, 3 – 2.

*Bottom of the Sixth inning – Sonny Grey pitching for Oakland Conor Gillaspie’s hone run to right tied up the score at 3 a piece.

*Top of the Eighth inning – Eric Surkamp pitching for the Sox – with Burns on third and Crisp on first from  a single, Fuld reached on bunt single to second,  Burns scored, and moved Crisp to second, taking back the lead 4 – 3. Webb took over in the office for Surkamp.

*Bottom of the Ninth – Flowers home run to left would tie up the core again at 4 a piece, sending it to extra inning.

*Bottom of the Twelfth Inning – After a pitcher battle to get to this point it  would be Flowers who would step up and smack a 390 feet home run to right for a walk off win,

*Final Score – Sox – 5 and Oakland – 4


Milk and Twinkies

10612565_849345338417961_4816430966980593239_nIt is game two in the series with Minnesota and before the game tonight, the Twins honored Paul Konerko with a donation to his foundation and a rather large bottle of wine with an engraved thank you.

Taking the field today:Adam Eaton, Moises Sierra, Alexei Ramirez, Carlos Sanchez, Jose Abreu, Michael Taylor, Avisail Garcia, Jordan Danks, Conor Gillaspie, Leury Garcia, Dayan Viciedo, Andy Wilkins, Josh Phegley, Marcus, Semien

Joining John Danks in the mound office today was, Matt Lindstrom, Scott Snodgrass, Ronald Belisario, Chris Bassitt.

*Top of the Third – Twinkies got on the board when, Nunez tripled to right, scoring Santana(single),Mauer reached on infield single to second, getting Nunez home for an easy run, Arcia doubled to left,Pinto(double to center)scored. *Score at the close of the inning, Sox – 0 and Twins – 3

*Top of the Fourth  – The Sox finally got on the board when, Viciedo hit his second home run in two days with A.Garcia(walk) on board cutting the Twinkies lead to a score of 3 – 2.

*Top of the Fifth – The Sox tied up the score when, Semien tapped a single to center and made second on a wild pitch, Eaton’s single together with Semien’s speed got him home for a 3 all ball game.

*Bottom of the Fifth – The Twins took the lead and never looked back, Vargas singled to right,  Nunez(double to left) scored,Mauer to second(moved to 3rd on a Pinto fly out), Arcia hit into a fielders choice, getting Mauer home. After Lindstrom came on for Danks on the mound, Escobar’s triple saw both Arcia and Hicks get home. On a Ramirez error, Escobar was able to sneak home, *Score at the close of the inning was Twins – 8 and White Sox – 3.

*Bottom of the Sixth – Saw the Twins add to the run tally when, Vargas homered with Mauer(walk) on base for a 10 to 3 lead.

*Top of the Eighth –  would be the Sox final run for the day when, on a Viciedo single, Taylor made it off the pond for a 10 to 4 Twins lead.

*Bottom of the Eighth – would be the final run scored by the Twins to secure the win when, Herrmann singled to center, Escobar walked, Bernier was hit by a pitch to load the pond. Nunez reached on an infield single, moving Herrmann home. *Score at the close of the inning, Twins – 11 and the Sox – 4

That would be the final score of the game (Sox – 4 and Twins – 11)

The Sox head home to The Cell for a day off tomorrow before heading off to Cleveland for a 3 game series. Then its back to The Cell for a 4 game series facing the Oakland A’s and newly traded Adam Dunn



Game one with the Twinkies

69593_10152343179216162_1889216170_nThis is Captain Konerko month as we head to the close of the 2014 season.

It is a two game series with the Minnesota Twins before another day off.

The only two players on the injury list as of today are, Nate Jones(Tommy John Surgery) and Felipe Paulino (shoulder inflammation – No update since July)

Adam Dunn has been traded to the Oakland A’s and Alejandro De Aza to Baltimore.

With the conclusion of the Charlotte Knights season many of the Knights players got the call to The Big Dance, so you will be seeing new faces over the next games.

Hector Noesi has started on the mound for the Sox today. Going in to do battle in the field are: Adam Eaton, Avisail Garcia, Dayan Viciedo, Paul Konerko, Michael Taylor (from Oakland) Tyler Flowers, Marcus Semien, Carlos Sanchez

*First Inning – Twinkies opened the scoring when, Vargas hit a home run to right, with  Santana(single to right,stole second) on the pond. *Score, Twins – 2 and Sox – 0

*Top of the Second Inning – the Sox stole the lead when, Taylor already on the pond by way of a walk, crossed home on a Flowers home run, Semien singled to right and the speedster made it home on a Sanchez double to left center, *Score – Sox – 3 and Twins – 2

*Bottom of the Second – The Twins would tie up things when, Santana hit a double left, Escobar scored, Schafer  made it to third, but was thrown out at home trying to advance. *Score – Sox – 3 and Twins – 3

*Third Inning through Seventh Inning – it has been a pitcher duel with great defense shutting the offense down. *Score is still tied and 3 runs all

*Bottom of the Eighth inning –  Javy Guerra took over in the office for Noesi and Erik Surkamp now has the keys,

*Bottom of the Ninth and Daniel Webb now has the keys to the office.

*Top of the Tenth – Viciedo gives the Sox the lead 4 – 3 with a home run to right. With Moises Sierra on the pond, Flowers get in the Home Run Derby with one of his own taking the score to 6  to 3 in the Sox favor.

*Bottom of the Tenth – Jake Petricka came in and was able to shut down the Twins and win the game.

*Final Score – White Sox 6 and Minnesota Twins – 3

** Alexei Ramirez is the first White Sox shortstop who hit 30-double seasons since Luke Appling (1936-37).

Dear Captain Paul

Konerko-hits-3-run-HR-White-Sox-sweep-Indians-3T1ID2I0-x-largeDear Paul,

I cant believe that the season is coming to a close and that you will be hanging up the cleats soon.

You have had an amazing career and it has been a real honor to watch you as you have taken this journey. My Sorority Sisters have shared many stories with me about you and the fun.

The World Series had to be truly amazing and the photos I have seen over the years have been wonderful.

Thank you for all that you have done for who we call “Baby Sox”, helping them to get settled and to learn about life in Chicago. We know that you also have done a lot of work behind the scenes, visiting sick kids and things in the community that go unnoticed.

We wish you nothing but the best in your life away from baseball. Have fun playing with the kids and just being “Dad”.

I know my Sisters will be heartbroken as the season closes, I give them my love and support as I know it will be hard for them to say “Be Seeing You”.

You will be missed as our baseball husband and boyfriend.

THANK YOU, Captain Konerko

Hugs and Love

ChiSoxSisters Sorority