Dear Robin

1924784_10203754512445589_8169856087209915222_nOn behalf of my Sorority Sisters I would like to voice our disappointment on some current issues

*John Danks – PLEASE DO NOT TRADE HIM. His experience and stability is needing in the pen. He is getting better and improving with each game. He has come a long way from his surgery and there is still more good things to come from him. He still has a year left. He needs to be there to help the young kids

*Adam Dunn – Its time for him to depart. We need a good DH who can hit but also with some speed.

*Viciedo and Beckham – I know the boys have one year only contracts but with Avi due back, we need to have the room for him. Bacon is a good player don’t get us wrong but you have Marcus and Leury sitting in Charlotte having great seasons and they are still in Charlotte.

*De Aza – It’s just not working any more, Time to move him on. Jordan Danks is breaking records in Charlotte, he has great speed in the outfield. He might look lanky and out-of-place at the plate but he gets the job done.

*Middle and Late pitching – It’s a disaster and you know that already. We know that losing Matt and Nate really hurt, and with the latest news about Nate is devastating to say the least. Matt will be back soon and frankly , not soon enough and he can go back to closing. Belisario need to go, end of story. He has become a liability  to this team. Rienzo has the big league experience and he is stuck in the middle order, Petricka has no clue where he is supposed to be. Roles in the pen need defined and if that were to happen you just might see things change.

We could be there in September if you get things sorted and do it fast, if not we might as well write off this season and start fresh next year. We are in a great spot compared to last year and my sisters and I would love to see this team fly and it can if you would just get the shit together and get this team sorted.


Thanks for your time Robin

The ladies of the ChiSoxSisters Sorority




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