August 2014

Three Game Series with the Yankees

pThe boys are on their way back to Chicago from a quick trip to New York for a three game series with the Yankees. I was secretly hoping for at least one win but it was not meant to be. Getting over the shock of Gordon Beckham being traded to the Angels I think everyone is still getting over. September is Paul Konerko month, so something positive to focus on.

*Game One (Yankees – 4 and Sox – 3)

The Sox sent John Danks to the office along with, Ronald Belisario, Zach Putnam, and Daniel Webb. Carlos Sanchez got the call up from Charlotte, to replace Gordon Beckham at second base.

The top of the first, Jose Abreu opened the scoring with a home run, De Aza, and Sanchez already on base, both reached on singles. Score at the close of the inning was 3 – 0 in the Sox favor.

John managed to keep things quiet til the bottom of the third, giving up a home run to Prado with Ellsbury on the pond, cutting the Sox lead to just 1. Sox – 3 and Yankees – 2. An Ellsbury double in the 5th inning tied the score at 3.

The ninth inning was the final chance for the Sox to break the tie and they did not allow, Jordan Danks, Tyler Flowers and Alejandro De Aza to get anything going. The home half of the inning saw New York get Suzuki, home for the win thanks to a Prado single to center.

*Game Two (Yankees – 5 and Sox – 3)

Game Two saw Scott Carroll in the office for the Sox and the return of Matt Lindstrom to the roll of closer.

The top of the 2nd inning saw the first Sox run scored when, Conor Gillaspie doubled to right and was waved home on a double by Alexei Ramirez, 1 – 0 in favor of the Sox. The Yankees tied it up in the bottom of the inning, at 1 a piece.

The bottom of the fourth the Yankees would take the lead for good when, with McCann(double) and Beltran(single) already on base, Prado’s double to deep left gave the Yankees a 3 – 1 lead. The top of the fifth saw the Sox cut the lead to one when, De Aza(walk, hit by pitch) scored off a Jose Abreu single. Score at this point, New York 3 and the Sox 2.

Bottom of the sixth saw NY pull away when, Beltran started the inning with a solo home run, Prado doubled to left and came home on a sacrifice fly to right from Drew. Score, NY 5 and the Sox 2. Chicago got one back in the top of the seventh when, Jordan Danks opened with a single, and advanced to third on a De Aza double to right. Sanchez grounded out tot he pitcher getting Danks home, with NY still in the lead 5 to 3. Which would be how the game would close as both sides were shut down.

*Game 3

Sox Ace Chris Sale took mound duties with the support of, Zach Putnam, Javy Guerra and Jake Petricka. Sale would strike out 7 in 6 inning of work.

Alexei Ramirez would get things started at the top of the first with a solo shot to left for a 1 – 0 Sox lead. The top of the sixth inning, with Jose Abreu on the pond(single) Conor Gillaspie would get in on the home run excitement with a shot to right, taking the score to a 3 – 0 Sox lead.

The bottom of the sixth would see the Yankees take the lead when, Prado made second on a throwing error by Dayan Viciedo, Teixeira double to left got Prado home to open the Yankees scoring. with the bases loaded, (Cervelli on first,Teixeira on third, Beltran on second.)Sale walked in a run when he hit, Wheeler. Suzuki singled to center, scoring both  Beltran and Cervelli.  The inning closed with the Yankees in the lead 4 – 3.

Top of the ninth, the Sox tied it up with a Avisail Garcia home run. It would be his first since returning from shoulder surgery. The bottom of the ninth, the Yankees would be shut down and would see the team’s head to extra innings. Score would be 4 a piece

The top of the tenth, the Sox would leave Jordan Danks and Carlos Sanchez stranded on the pond, the bottom of the inning would see NY win the game when with, Beltran(double) and Headley(intentional walk) would score off a McCann home run. The final score – New York – 7 and the White Sox – 4

The Sox head home to a day off before Cleveland and Detroit come for a visit to close out the month of August.


Photo courtesy of the Chicago Sun

No More Bacon

gordon-beckhamDear Gordon,

My Sorority Sisters and I wondered why you were not in the line up for the Baltimore game yesterday and now we all know.

WE are stunned that you have departed and will not get to finish the season with us, especially with Paul Konerko’s retirements.

Our Sister, Bridget is your number one fan in the sorority and is devastated by your leaving. You will be joining Hector Santiago and that should help you get settled in a little better.

WE love you and will miss your silliness and that wonderful smile.

Safe travels and catch up soon when our teams visit in the future.

ChiSoxSisters Sorority

Catch up Baseball – Giants and Blue Jays

1781973_10203853778327003_9147704401115001297_nTime for some catch up baseball with the White Sox.

**2 Game series in San Francisco – split series

*Game one(Sox – 3 and Giants – 2)  – It took the Sox 10 innings to steal the win. Chris Sale in the office with Zach Putnam picking up the win. Adam Dunn hit a homer in the first with Jose Abreu on the pond, for a 2 – 0 lead in the first. Jake Petricka took over in the bottom of the ninth inning and the Giants were able to tie up the score. The bottom of the tenth inning, thanks to a Gordon Beckham single, Moises Sierra was able to score and give the Sox the win.

*Game Two(Sox – 1 and Giants – 7)  – Former White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy who had been traded to the Giants from Boston was in the office. Jake has had a terrible year and was in need of some good luck. Jose Quintana had the Sox keys and was looking for some much-needed offense to help secure a win. The only run for the Sox would be a second Adam Dunn home run.

**3 Game series with the Toronto Blue Jays at The Cell

*Game one(Sox – 11 and Blue Jays – 5) – Hector Noesi got the keys for Chicago, with Marcus Stroman in the office for the Jays. The Jays would open the scoring during the top of the first taking the lead, 1 – 0 but the bottom of the first would be a scoring surge for the Sox adding 5 runs closing the inning with a lead of 5 to 1.

The top of the second the Jays would add 3 more including a home run by Cabrera, the Sox would answer in the bottom of the inning with Alexei Ramirez scoring on a Dayan Viciedo single. The score board ticked over to Sox – 6 and the Jays – 4. The fifth inning would see the Sox take the lead and never look back adding 6 runs in the inning, started by a single from Jordan Danks, from there Jordan would come around to score, also crossing the plate, Gordon Beckham. Alejandro De Aza, Alexei Ramirez, and Jose Abreu.The score at the close of the inning was 11 – 4 in the Sox favor.

The final run scored by the Blue Jays, after loading the bases, Valencia hit into a double play, with Lind scoring the fifth run of the day by the Jays. The Sox pitching and Defense would shut down the Jays with the final score, the Sox – 11 and the Jays 5.

*Game Two(Blue Jays – 6 and Chicago – 3)

The Jays would send former Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle in to face John Danks. With the Jays already ahead 3 to 0 going in to the bottom of the sixth inning, the Sox would finally get on the board thanks to Gordon Beckham breaking the shut out scoring on a Avisail Garcia single to right, Dayan Viciedo’s sacrifice single to center brought Jose Abreu home and Paul Konerko’s single brought home Avisail for the last of the runs that the Sox would score for the day.  Score at the close of the inning would be Jays 6 and the Sox 3, which is how the scoring would close for the day.

The top of the seventh inning would see the return of Matt Lindstrom from ankle surgery.

*Game Three (Blue Jays – 5 and Sox – 7)

The rubber game of the match today would see Scott Carroll in the office against Drew Hutchinson. First pitch of the game would Reyes take Carroll for a deep double to right. By the close of the inning the Jays had a 1 – 0 lead. The bottom of the first would see the Sox take the lead and never look back when, Conor Gillaspie would step to the plate with the pond loaded and smack his first Grand Slam to right with, De Aza, Dunn and Garcia on base for a 4 – 1 Sox lead. With Gordon Beckham on base, Jordan Danks would hit a home run of his own, taking the Sox lead to 6 – 1.

The top of the fifth would see the Jays load the bases and cut the lead to 6 to 4, including a  Encarnacion homered to left. The Sixth inning would see the rest of the scoring for the day when the Jays would add one more on a  Navarro single to right, which got J Francisco home. Gillaspie would move to third on a Beckham single, Jordan Danks sacrifice fly to left would get Gillaspie home for a 7 to 5 Sox lead, which is how the scoring would close for the end of the game.

The Sox are currently hosting the Baltimore Oriels for a three game series. After a day off it is a short trip to New York for a three game series with the Yankees before returning home to close out the month of August with series against Cleveland and Detroit.



Monday Morning Frustrations

Rally Monkey

Rally Monkey

After another frustrating loss, its time to take a look at what is going on.

Things have been pretty discouraging and frustrating and that is why you have not seen a lot of me of late. It’s so hard to keep writing about all the negative and not much positive.

July was a great month and we actually were heading in a great place but then August hit and its gone to hell. The losing here and there by small margins I can handle but when you get your backside handed to you on a silver platter by a score of 16 – 0 and your DH becomes your pitcher, its time to take a look at things and see what needs done. Some kind of shock or benching or wavers needs to wake this crew from the sleep they are in now.

This is MY take on who I think needs to stay and who can pack their bags.

*Jose Abreu – has a 6 year contract and is in a Sox uniform until 2020. He is developing in to a great hitter and first baseman. Abreu can also handle the DH role as needed.

*John Danks – must stay on in the pitching pool, his contract ends in 2016. He is still recovering from shoulder surgery and I think the best is yet to come from him. He has valuable experience the younger Sox need in building their own career and could learn from John.

*Adam Dunn – he is 34 and I think his time in the pinstripe is over. He has no speed on the bases and has not had a great year hitting.

*Alexei Ramirez –  is having a brilliant year and is ours until the close of the 2015 season.

*Chris Sale – not much to say but KEEP HIM, Chris is a Sox until 2015. He is another one who has experience and guidance for the young kids.

*Jose Quintana – will remain a pitcher with us through 2018. He will only get better

*Alejandro De Aza, Gordon Beckham, Ronald Belisario, Dayan Viciedo, Tyler Flowers, Nate Jones (he is injured and will be out for over a year), Hector Noesi, Conor Gillaspie, Adam Eaton, Avisail Garcia, Leury Garcia, Maikel Cleto, Jake Petricka, Zach Putnam, Jordan Danks, Adrian Nieto, Scott Carroll, Erik Surkamp, Javy Guerra, Daniel Webb – All contracts come to a close at the end of this season.

We need Nate back in the middle closer roll. Hector Noesi, Conor Gillaspie, Avisail Garcia,(sill injured) Leury Garcia, Jake Petricka, Zach Putnam Jordan Danks, Adrian Nieto, Scott Carroll, Erik Surkamp, Daniel Webb. All need to return, they have had good years but could use some confidence building and some guidance. Getting back to basic skills.

Paul Konerko is out of contract but he has decided that this year is it. He has had an amazing run and is the only White Sox left at the club from the World Series team. Paulie wants to take some time off and just be a hubby and Dad. There is a job waiting for Paulie when and if he is ready for it. He would be a wonderful asset with his experience to be a mentor for the young crew.

We got Matt Davidson in the trade for Adam Eaton, whats happened there. He was supposed to be a great fit and all. He is still in Charlotte struggling and Conor Gillaspie has the role and deserves to keep what he has worked his backside off for. Josh Phegley is another one having an amazing year and I would like to see him get back up to Chicago. Last I checked he has 19 home runs and was gunning down base runners right and left. Marcus Semien is another good utility player who can take on second with no issues and would fit right in.

It’s a day off today and in San Francisco for a 2 game series before heading home for another day off before welcoming the Toronto Blue Jays to Chicago



Coach Cooper

buehrle-1Dear Coach,

On behalf of my sorority sisters, we wanted you to know that we are worried about you. We know that over the past year you have been battling health issues that have kept you away from the boys.

We miss seeing you with the boys and your visits to the mound.

We send you our love, hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Love and Best wishes from

ChiSoxSisters Sorority



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Thank You Paul Konerko

paul_konerko_chicago_white_sox_studio_portrait_plus_photofileTrying to find a positive today I decided it was time to write this.

I know that my sorority sisters are going to struggle with your departure and I wanted to give them something to help ease the pain, help them celebrate your time at the Sox. So, Here goes:

Dear Paulie

As the season is heading towards the close, it is time for us to prepare to find our own ways of saying “Thanks” for all that you have given the the club and to the fans. Captain as we call you in the sorority, you have given us some wonderful memories to cherish in the coming months and years.

I was looking at some of your pictures on the net from over the years and what a  great career, my Sisters and I would love to be able to sit down with you and ask you questions about your time in the Majors, I would love to ask you about the World Series and what that has meant to you.

We are excited for you as you make the change from ball player to Dad.  I bet the kids will love having you home on a regular basis and you can do all those Dad things that you have missed out on.

You have said you don’t want a big fuss made or anything, but you will have a stadium full of fans who want or need to show you how much you ave mean to them. Through the good stuff and even when times got tough.

I know what you mean to my sisters, you have become their anchor when times are tough, you have lifted their spirits when they are down.

I know what it is like when your favorite player leaves, they were there for when Jake got traded and now it is my turn to be there for them. All I can do is to give them words on a screen and remind them I have their back they always have an ear when they need it.

Thank you Captain for all you  have done, for your career and we can  not wait for the day you make it to Cooperstown. We will be there cheering you as they say ” Welcome to Cooperstown, Paul Konerko

Love from all of us

ChiSoxSisters Sorority


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Dear Robin

1924784_10203754512445589_8169856087209915222_nOn behalf of my Sorority Sisters I would like to voice our disappointment on some current issues

*John Danks – PLEASE DO NOT TRADE HIM. His experience and stability is needing in the pen. He is getting better and improving with each game. He has come a long way from his surgery and there is still more good things to come from him. He still has a year left. He needs to be there to help the young kids

*Adam Dunn – Its time for him to depart. We need a good DH who can hit but also with some speed.

*Viciedo and Beckham – I know the boys have one year only contracts but with Avi due back, we need to have the room for him. Bacon is a good player don’t get us wrong but you have Marcus and Leury sitting in Charlotte having great seasons and they are still in Charlotte.

*De Aza – It’s just not working any more, Time to move him on. Jordan Danks is breaking records in Charlotte, he has great speed in the outfield. He might look lanky and out-of-place at the plate but he gets the job done.

*Middle and Late pitching – It’s a disaster and you know that already. We know that losing Matt and Nate really hurt, and with the latest news about Nate is devastating to say the least. Matt will be back soon and frankly , not soon enough and he can go back to closing. Belisario need to go, end of story. He has become a liability  to this team. Rienzo has the big league experience and he is stuck in the middle order, Petricka has no clue where he is supposed to be. Roles in the pen need defined and if that were to happen you just might see things change.

We could be there in September if you get things sorted and do it fast, if not we might as well write off this season and start fresh next year. We are in a great spot compared to last year and my sisters and I would love to see this team fly and it can if you would just get the shit together and get this team sorted.


Thanks for your time Robin

The ladies of the ChiSoxSisters Sorority




Sox in Enemy Territory – Games 2 and 3

Adam Eaton at Bat

Adam Eaton at Bat

The White Sox took to the field for game two of the series with high hopes after winning game one. Hector Noesi against Max Scherzer was going to be a real pitchers duel. Noesi has been building on some great outings and this one would need to be one of his best for the Sox to have a chance. An hour’s rain delay would be the hiccup that the Sox did not need.

the bottom of the first inning the Tigers would make Noesi and the Sox pay dearly putting seven runs on the board,  Kinsler moved to second on a Cabrera walk, Martinez hit a soft single to right getting Kinsler home, Cabrera to second, Hunter smacked another single and Martinez was held at second and Cabrera crossed for a 2 – 0  Tigers lead, J.Martinez with another single brought home Martinez increasing the lead to 3 – 0. Castellanos home run to right cleared the bases, T Hunter and J Martinez scored taking the Tigers lead to 6 – 0.

Noesi and Scherzer took things into their own hands and shut both sides down until the top of the seventh inning when the Sox finally got on the board when, Ramirez started things with a single, Abreu’s single got speed demon Ramirez to third. Dunn moved Abreu to third by a ground out to the pitcher. Viciedo with a sacrifice fly to center got Ramirez home to break the shut out 6 – 1 in the Tigers favor.

In the seventh inning was changes for the Sox when, Eric Surkamp got the keys from Noesi, Adrian Nieto took over behind the plate. The Tigers added their seventh run when, Hunter and J.Martinez both reached on singles. Castellanos singled to center, bringing  Hunter across the plate and sent  J. Martinez to second,that took the Tigers lead to 7 -1. The Sox made one final run at trying to steal the game but the only run that the Sox could add was a home run by Adam Dunn to right. The final score was in the Tigers favor 7 – 2.

*Game Three

John Danks against Drew Smyly

With the series at 1 game each this would be the game that both sides would be fighting hard to win. Danks would need help from Belisario, Guerra and closer Petricka to secure the win of the series for the Sox.

It was the top of the second when the Sox opened the scoring when, Konerko opened the inning with a single to right, Beckham doubled and Konerko was able to get home to give the Sox a 1 – 0 lead. A Flowers single to center, with Beckham’s speed on the pond made it a 2 – 0 Sox lead. Sierra moved Flowers to second on a single to center. Leury Garcia grounded into a fielders choice getting Flowers to third. Eaton also grounded into a Fielders choice getting Flowers home for a 3 – 0, forcing Garcia out at second. Eaton was nailed at second trying to steal to close the inning.

The home half of the second, the Tigers cut the Sox lead to 1 when, Danks on the mound hit Hunter with a pitch, Danks then gave J.Martinez a free pass with a walk, moving Hunter to second,  Avila grounded into fielder’s choice to first,  Hunter was thrown out at home, moving Martinez to third, and Castellanos to second.Suarez hit sacrifice fly to center,  getting J Martinez home to break the shut out 3 – 1 in the Sox favor.  Jackson’s single to center, brought  Castellanos home, to cut the Sox lead 3 – 2.

The bottom of the third saw Detroit take the lead with a pair of solo home runs from Hunter and J.Martinez, the Tigers taking the lead for the first time in the game 4 – 3.

The Sox would once again tie up the game in the top of the fourth when Konerko opened the inning with a double to left, Beckham and Flowers both getting out made way for a Sierra single and Konerko with everything he could muster got himself home for a 4 a piece game.

Danks and Smyly would shut both sides down until the sixth inning when both starting pitcher would depart, news would come later on that Smyly had been traded. With middle rotation in the office for both sides, the Sox would take the lead when Eaton would be safe on first thanks to a wild pitch by Sorina, Ramirez singled to left, moving Eaton to third.  Ramirez would be safe at  second on throwing error. Abreu would be given a free pass and that would load the bases. The Sox would be gifted a 5 – 4 lead when Konerko was hit by a pitch. The top of the seventh would see the Sox take the lead for good when, Sierra would open with a single, Garcia would pop a sacrifice to third, moving Sierra to second. Eaton’s RBI single would bring, Sierra home. Eaton would be safe at second on a steal and later score on a Ramirez double to left taking the score to 7 – 4.

The Sox pitching of Guerra and Closer Petricka would shut down the Tigers defense and give the Sox the win 7 – 4 and the series win, 2 games to one.

The Sox head home for a home stand including Minnesota, and the Texas Rangers before heading out west.