Milestone post 240 – My Sorority Sisters

84e63ea018d99bfd43d96f1e2736e3b6One of the best parts of this job is that it has many surprises along the way, especially my Sorority Sisters.

They are the best group of Ladies that this long distance girl could ask for. We live and die for our boys, our baseball husbands. We have this dream that if we wont he lotto we would buy the team and turn this season around. Sure we are just a group of ladies but we see things in a different way.

We laugh and party when the boys win, come from behind and walk off. We hold our breath as the bull pen tries to save the day. We get our rally monkeys going. We look for the positives when we lose and support the boys on Twitter and the girls in Chicago go to the games as often as they can. They share their pictures and story’s with those of us over seas so we feel a part of the day.

Some of the girls are heading to Cooperstown and I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear how things went.

I don’t know if I can find the right words to express to the girls what they mean to me. You have been my life line and support more than you know. When I have good news to share, I can’t wait to tell you first. When it gets tough, you guys are there with support and love.

We have been through graduations and the loss of parents, friends and besties.

I cant wait to come home and meet all of you in person and have a super night at the ball park.

To my Sisters of the ChiSoxSisters Sorority – You are simply the best.

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